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Gipsy land   full length track

Jazz manouche style, beautiful Gypsy flavor with the swing articulation. Django Reinhardt Sound-Alikes.

Price: $25.00

composer: Ausilio Camboni | duration: 59 seconds | size: 9.95 Mb

Romantic Accordion   full length track

Romantic and lively classical retro pop featuring accordion, string section, harp and flutes. Uplifting and whimsical with a vintage rat pack flavor that takes the listener back to the greats like Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Price: $34.95

composer: Patrick Coen | duration: 109 seconds | size: 18.39 Mb

Happiness   full length track

Joyful, warm & melancholy modern acoustic folk, featuring heartfelt accordion, bouncy mandolin & flowing ukulele that builds to create a hopeful yet longing mood. Think of upbeat, uplifting, sweet & festive moments full of true happiness and love for life! A happy ethnic instrumental track that is perfectly suited for any project requiring a nostalgic, passionate, bittersweet, smooth & breezy soundtrack. Use: Cinema, Travel Documentary, Commercial, Trailer, Wedding, Kids Theater. Piano version is available. (Midtempo, 93bpm / Key: Am)
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Price: $59.95

composer: Valkristo | duration: 165 seconds | size: 27.76 Mb

Tarantella Frenzy   full length track

Upbeat and happy, traditional Italian wedding dance. Featuring mandolin, solo violin and accordion. Great for anything Italian, be it festive, comedic, crime or family. Creates a cheerful and celebratory mood. Crime capers, family dinners & fun weddings, Italian travel, vacation, comedy, RomCom.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Art Munson, Robin Munson | duration: 114 seconds | size: 19.22 Mb

Gypsy Jazz Comedy   full length track

Energetic, whimsical and upbeat French gypsy swing jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. Instruments include, acoustic guitar, accordion, ukulele, drums and percussion.
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Price: $20.00

composer: Hakan Eriksson | duration: 96 seconds | size: 16.13 Mb

Waltz Amour   full length track

Music from a smoky and small jazz joint in a european city. Virtuos accordion soloist backed by a jazz trio.

Price: $39.00

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 136 seconds | size: 23.02 Mb

One Spring Day   full length track

Romantic and childlike waltz featuring accordion, live strings, bell, percussions and more. Uplifting and whimsical with a vintage Hollywood flavor that takes the listener back to the early musicals of Sinatra and Dean Martin.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Madfish | duration: 171 seconds | size: 29.54 Mb

Lady green sleeves   full length track

Traditional old all famous English ballade was made in a medieval style of music.Acoustic guitars and solo block flute with a bass drum are creating the live atmosphere of medieval castle. Romantic and slightly sad,pensive,calm and lovely. Good for any romantic projects and projects about medieval centuries, knights and princess and amorous adventures

Price: $34.95

composer: Traditional | duration: 140 seconds | size: 23.70 Mb

Bardello 1931   full length track

You're in a Dark cabaret full of smoke, snobby men and cheap women. The sloppy honky tonk piano will take you back to the 1930's. Life is a cabaret!
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Price: $39.95

composer: Leon Riskin | duration: 150 seconds | size: 25.32 Mb

Cala MontgĆ³   full length track

Folky accordion based popular melody style theme.

Price: $59.95

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.06 Mb

Gypsy Band   full length track

An up-tempo jazz tune that would play in a club in New York in the 20's and 30's. A catchy guitar riff drives the rhythm section along with the bass and drums, while a jazzy clarinet and vibraphone add a snappy and fun melody to this track. Makes you want to get up and dance! Perfect for comic relief or a fast paced scene with some light mischief.
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Price: $44.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 83 seconds | size: 14.04 Mb

Christmas National   full length track

An upbeat comical semi - sad composition. Think of walking on a cold Christmas day or evening, enviously watching others on the street rejoice at the festivities and you have nowhere to go and no one to love with hunger reminding you of the fact that you're a penniless weirdo. Secondary Keywords: weirdo freezing scarf hungry sad alone cold ,doubt, predicament, low spirits blue, depressed, desolate,down, downcast, downhearted, dull, heavy-hearted melancholic, melancholy, unhappy, wistful joyless regret grievous sorrowful, woeful. broke money less looking searching upset opening closing

Price: $29.99

composer: Ilya Kaplan | duration: 78 seconds | size: 11.81 Mb

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