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Explore the gold standard for licensing royalty-free music, featuring an extensive range of full-length tracks and music loops.
Our expansive catalog is curated to ensure your YouTube videos and multimedia projects are enhanced with no copyright worries, as none of our tracks are registered in the YouTube ContentID database. Buy once for perpetual usage across all your endeavors. Elevate your content with our diverse, YouTube-safe tracks and engage audiences globally with confidence.
You can download and use these free music loops and full length music clips in any commercial multimedia project but you cannot:
• re-sell individually or as a collection or as a ringtone
• post on a website for download as we are doing here
• mix into your own music and then redistribute it as your own.

You may use these music loops in a Youtube video, Flash animation or in any other commercial multimedia presentation including TV and Film.

In return for the use of these free royalty free music loops we only ask that you please give Partners In Rhyme a link on your website or blog, a credit in your Youtube video, or just a nice email saying "Thanks!".

Free Royalty Free Music Loops
We have a nice selection of free royalty free music here for you to download and use in your Youtube videos and commercial projects completely free of charge and without every having to pay royalties. The music is created and owned by Partners In Rhyme and is Youtube-safe. This music will not trigger any third party copyright notices when you use the music loops in your Youtube video.
These are presented here in WAV format, for those of you wondering why we don't offer MP3s it because these are loops, you can lay them end to end in your timeline to create a continuous flow of music. MP3 files will not loop properly due to the conversion process and would render the music loops useless as loops.
After previewing the music to download all you need to do is right-click/control-click on the title of the track and from the pop-up window that shows up you choose 'save file as' or 'save target as' or 'save link as' or whatever option looks the most obvious to download a file to your computer and you're done.

And here is something that we have recently decided to add to our free music loops page, a license!
We know that many of you video producers are now having issues with Youtube and sometimes need to prove that you have the right to use the music that you have added to your video. Well, no problem. Here is a signed authorization that you can send to any Youtube reviewer and it should do the trick in getting your monetization unblocked.
Click on the link below to review and download your authorization to use this music
Here's a zipped version if you can't figure out how to save the pdf once you see it in your browser

Have fun!

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