Need music for your commercial project? Choose from over 20,000 tracks of Hand-Picked, High-Quality, Royalty Free Music from the best composers in the business. Comes with a worldwide, lifetime license and is absolutely royalty free with No PROs, No cue sheets, no hassles. Find the music you like, pay with credit card or Paypal and immediately download high resolution, stereo WAV files. If you have any questions at all please contact us
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the voice I hear talking over the music previews?[TOP]
The voice you hear is what is called an audio watermark. Because we want our customers to hear as much of the quality of our recordings as possible we have chosen to post fairly high quality stereo MP3 samples of our music. The high quality samples make it tempting for some visitors to record and use our music without purchasing a license. The audio watermark is there to make it a little difficult to record our samples directly off of our site.
The audio watermark will of course not be included in the files that are delivered to you after submitting your order.
2. Do I need some sort of plugin to hear the music samples?[TOP]
No, our preview players are HTML5 players and work in all browsers without the need of separate plugins.
3. I need a sample of a track to put in my project for approval before I buy.[TOP]
No problem. We have created a feature called 'Temp Download' just for this situation.
Simply click on the title of the track that you are interested in using.
On the resulting trackinfo page of that song you will see a button labeled 'Temp Download'.
Click on this button, fill out the form and hit submit and a link to a download page will be sent to you via email.
The file will be a watermarked MP3 file that you can drop into project to get approval before purchasing a license.
4. What can I use this music for?[TOP]

What can I use this music for?

Film: You can use royalty free music in a big budget Hollywood film, an independent documentary, your student film project or your most recent amateur (but incredibly brilliant) film project.
No matter how big the project is you will never have to pay another royalty or broadcasting fee when you download background music from Partners In Rhyme.

Television: You can use royalty free music for TV commercials, sitcom theme songs or incidental music, as background music for infomercials or in movie trailers and promos.
No matter how big the project is you will never have to pay another royalty or broadcasting fee.
Most of our tracks have a variety of edits making it very easy to drop into 15 sec, 30 sec, or 60sec spots.

Video / DVD: You can use royalty free music  in your wedding videos, your latest YouTube submission, your straight-to-video movie, your hypnosis / meditation / yoga / excercise / cooking / basketweaving DVD or just in the video of your family vacation. There is no limit on how many copies you print and distribute you will never have to pay another royalty.

Radio: You can use our royalty free background music in your professional or amateur radio broadcasts as background music for newscasts, talk shows, incidental music or simply play the songs to your listeners.
No reporting to ASCAP or BMI, our one-time fee means you only pay one time.

Podcasts: You can use our royalty free music in your podcasts as background music or even to fill out your music program a bit. With the new royalty laws for online radio shows making it so expensive to simply play a song our music might take some of the burden off as you do not have pay anything in fees to performing right agencies when you use it.

Audiobooks: You can use our royalty free music in the background of your commercial audiobook project.

Video Games / Websites / Flash: With our huge variety of loops and edits you can download just what you need for a very affordable price. All of our loops are edited to loop seamlessly and again there are no royalties, fees or limits on how many projects you use the background music in.

Physical Products: You can use Partners In Rhyme royalty free background music in your physical products such as alarm clocks, toys, mobile phone system sounds, music boxes, etc.

Wow! Is there anything I can't use the music and sound effects for?

You cannot resell this music as it is
For example:
you cannot download this music and sell it as a ringtone,
you cannot create an audio CD using only our music (with no voice-over) and sell it.
you cannot create an audio CD using inaudible, subliminal or binaural sounds mixed with our music.
you cannot distribute our music as a separate collection of audio files for your video game, software package or web application (they must be embedded into the game).
you cannot sub-license our background music in any way (letting other people use the music in their projects for a fee)

You cannot post the music on your website for download:
You can use music as background music for your website but you cannot give your visitors links to download the audio files to their hard drives.

Can I mix your music into my music?

No, we do not allow the re-purposing of the music in our catalog into new music. This includes simply adding lyrics and singing over our music. Or adding a new musical element.
5. What are the basic features of the license agreement I will receive?[TOP]
The license is a Worldwide License.
Your rights to use the music apply to all countries and territories. There are no limits as to where you can use this music.

The license is a Lifetime License
This means you can use this music in as many projects that you, the licensee, are personally involved with as you want without paying extra fees or needing to re-license the music.

The license is a Direct License
A 'direct license' is a license between you and the composer who owns the copyright to the music. When a composer signs on to our library they have agreed to waive all rights to collect back-end royalties for uses of the their music when licensed via faciliates direct licensing between our composers and customers. This means you will not be paying royalties to performing rights organizations for the use of music.
6. Can I sing over this music and then sell it as my own?[TOP]
No, our music is only available to be used in the background of films,videos and voice-over type presentations.
If you are a singer/lyricist looking for music to sing over you need to find a musician to write the music for you. You cannot simply buy the composer's music, sing over it and then call it your own.
Royalty free music is not meant to be used as a basis for your singing career, that is not what the term 'royalty free music' means.
7. What options do I have for purchasing?[TOP]
You have two options for purchasing.

1. Credit Card
Choose the credit card option on the shopping cart page and you will be taken to our secure online credit card age.
It is fast and easy and secure. Enter your credit card details, press submit and wait for the download page to show up.
Afterwards you will receive an email with your invoice, license and download links again so that you can download the files anytie you need to in the future.

2. Paypal
Choose the Paypal option on the shopping cart page and you will be taken to the secure Paypal payment page where you can login and pay quickly and easily from your Paypal balance. After your payment goes through you will be re-directed back to to download your files. If you are not re-directed automatically please click on the return to merchant link provided on the Paypal page.
8. I have a charge on my credit that looks like it from you guys but says it is from Partners In Rhyme. What's up?[TOP]
Any payments made to us with a credit card will show up on your credit card statement as Partners In Rhyme Inc.
Partners In Rhyme Inc is the parent company for:

If you have any questions at all about payments or charges please call us at:
323-774-1389 (USA)
00 44 115 714 8297 (Europe)
9. I couldn't download from the delivery page. How do I get my files now?[TOP]
If you had trouble downloading from the delivery page at the end of the order process, do not worry, you can still get access to your files.

For each order that comes through a confirmation email is sent to the customer's email address.
This email includes an invoice, a license agreement and download links to each of the files involved in the order.

To download from the email right-click (control-click on a mac) directly on the links in the email and choose 'download link' from the menu that pops-up (terminology may vary for each email client, choose the one that says download or save link as).
Then name and save the files to your hard drive. Do not save directly to an application, save them to your hard drive.

Be sure to remember where on your hard drive you save your files so you can find them afterwards.

If you are still having trouble downloading after trying this please contact us using the link at the top of the page and we will create a new download page for you.
10. How Do I Join[TOP]
Unlike many other music libraries we do not simply accept all composers who want to sign on. We are very, very selective about who joins our library.
To maintain the high quality library of music that we already have we need to review the music of any interested composer before we consider them for inclusion in our catalog.That means you would need to send us a link so that we can hear your music.

Please refer to the submission guidelines listed here in the FAQ for more information on how to submit.
11. What sort of arrangement to you have with your composers?[TOP]
Here's our basic setup.

* We work with outside composers on a 50/50 non-exclusive basis.
* We do not require our clients to report the use of the music we distribute to performing rights
   agencies (an important point to consider).
* We pay on the first of every month
* We pay via Paypal and Moneybookers only (also via if you live in a Third World country or a dictatorship)

We have two main sites where we distribute music: is a site where we sell individual tracks. You upload and price your own music. is where we sell collections of royalty free music. If your music sells well on we will ask you to submit material for a collection.

We also have a few other interesting distribution opportunities once a composer is in the system.
12. What are the submission guidelines to submit my music catalog to for review?[TOP]
Read this before you send your submission

1. Your music must be instrumental, no vocal groups will be accepted. What we mean by this is that 'bands' will not be accepted. We are only looking for composers of production music. If your production music compositions include vocals we will accept them. We will not accept songs by bands that want to license their music that contains vocals.

2. You must have at least 50 high quality tracks in your catalog with the intention of creating and uploading more music on a regular basis. This means 50 separate tracks not including loops and edits.
We regularly delete accounts that have not uploaded the minimum amount of tracks.

3. We will not accept any composer who is registered with any Youtube ad sharing revenue scheme.

4. Your music must be Youtube-safe meaning it will not trigger copyright claim warnings on our the youtube videos of our clients when they use your music on youtube. This means your music cannot be in the Youtube ContentID database. It has nothing to do with you simply uploading your music to your video channel. Either you or someone your are involved has to deliberately upload your music into the Youtube ContentID database. PLEASE REALIZE: this can happen without your knowledge if you are distributing your music via the internet.

Your Music Cannot Be Involved With These Companies
We will not accept any composer if your music is involved with these distribution companies. No exceptions.

Crucial music
Orchard Music
CD Baby
BFM Digital

Confirmation of Clean Catalog For Youtube
These companies are known to have placed composer's music into the youtube contentID system without the composer's knowledge or permission. You will need to confirm either that you are not involved with these companies or that the music you are distributing via these companies has not been entered into the youtube contentID system.

1. If you have been with this company since before 2010 you need to confirm that adshare is not claiming to own your music on youtube
2. If you have music with Audiosparx under an exclusive contract you of course cannot upload that music to our website.
3. If you have music in Audiosparx and it is not triggering copyright claims on youtube then you can of course upload it to

1. AudioSocket has been known to upload music to youtube contentID without the composer's consent or knowledge.
2. If you have music in the AudioSocket catalog you need to test it on youtube and confirm that it does not trigger any copyright claims from AudioSocket.

TripleScoop Music
1. TripleScoop Music has been known to upload music to youtube contentID without the composer's consent or knowledge.
2. If you have music in the TripleScoop Music catalog you need to test it on youtube and confirm that it does not trigger any copyirght claims from TripleScoop Music.

Sites That Devalue Composer's Music
We will not distribute music where you sell it on our site for one price, like $34.95, and then on another site for $1.00. It is not fair to us and we cannot promote music that can easily be found for $1.00 elsewhere. And it is also not fair to you. You should never, under any circumstances, sell your music for $1.00

Because of their $1.00 policy that composer cannot opt of we no longer accept any composer that also has their music for sale at Beatpick

If you are an audiojungle composer you need to post the same prices that you have posted on Audiojungle for your tracks. We will not promote your tracks and then have a customer look for them on Audiojungle to buy at a cheaper price.

5. Your music must be owned by you (not by your record label, by you only)

6. Please do not point us to another music distribution website to review your music.
For example, we will simply ignore any submissions pointing us to an Audiosparx web page to preview music and we will definitely not search for your composer name on Pond5 or Revostock, etc.
Soundcloud is a great site to showcase your music if you do not have your own website to showcase your talent.

7. We no longer accept submissions via snailmail.

To Submit
1. Send us a link to a web page, like Soundcloud, that has a substantial amount of your music available to preview online.
2. Send us the link in the message box at the top of the page. Paste the link in and hit send.
3. You can make your Soundcloud submission private if you are worried about security of your music.
4. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY DOWNLOAD LINKS!! No dropbox, no zipped files. Nothing like that.

Please note that

1. We will only respond to composer submissions that we accept into the library and we will try to do this as quickly as possible.

2. We will review everything that is sent but we will not send a submission received or submission not accepted email.
We used to personally respond to every submission but this seemed to make some composers extremely angry if they were not accepted into the library so we simply no longer make the effort of sending a courtesy email saying that a composer's music has been reviewed.

3. If you are accepted into the library we will test your music on Youtube to see if it triggers copyright notifications and if it does your account will be immediately deleted, no questions asked or answered.
13. How do I contact you guys?[TOP]

1. The best way is using this contact form so that we have your email address and can reply to you quickly with any URLs or info you may need,

2. You can also call us if you have a problem or need to discuss a special licensing situation
323-774-1389 (USA)
00 44 115 714 8297 (Europe)
If there is no answer please leave a message and we'll get right back to you.
14. How do I know when you have new music on your catalog?[TOP]
That's a great question as our composers are always uploading new music into the database.
The best way to keep up with exactly what has been uploaded is to follow us on

you can follow up to the minute posts regarding uploads and
links to free music, sound effects and videos

Royalty Free Music Clips Blog
You can also follow our blog for any announcements plus links
to free music, sound effects and videos
15. Is the music from safe to use in my Youtube video?[TOP]
Yes, the catalog is 100% Youtube-safe and will not trigger third party content claims on your videos nor will it deactivate your ability to monetize your Youtube videos.
We have a very strict policy in regards to Youtube. Unlike many other libraries who monetize their customers on Youtube even after their customers have legally purchased a license from them will never come after you with third party content warnings in your Youtube account and we will never plaster ads on top of your Youtube videos.

In the rare occasion that a track of ours might trigger a copyright flag (for example if someone pirated a music track and placed it in the youtube contentID database) we would assist and support you until we find out who is making the false claim and get it removed from your Youtube account. have actually taken one company to court over making false claims on our music without permission of the copyright holder and w also have a talented lawyer to look out for our interests in regards to pirating our composer's music and reselling it.

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

Check this composer's entire catalog here...
Crypt of Insomnia

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