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Price: $24.95
Unknown Channel   full length track

New age, ambient electronic space music. Sounds like X-files theme but with a very ethnic quality. Shamanic vocal chants and singing bowl are brought into the surreal mix of sci-fi electronics and synth pads. Very cool space music.

composer: Dan Pound | duration: 198 seconds

Price: $24.00
Pajaro Chogul   full length track

Evocative and delicate acoustic guitar ballad for gentle contemplation. A gentle and tender musical theme for photo montages, nature scenes and sensitive subjects of all kinds. Smooth-sailing and reminiscent.

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 130 seconds

Price: $29.00
Along the Creek   full length track

Pleasant sounding fingerstyle guitar in medieval folk motifs. Recorded live performance from an acoustic guitar with minimal use of tonal background from bowed strings.

composer: Crypt of Insomnia | duration: 167 seconds

Price: $69.00
The Greek Blue   full length track

Nostalgic and heartwarming, in the style of the greek dance sirtaki hasapiko, featuring passionate bouzouki, upbeat baglama and calm flowing acoustic guitars that create a relaxing, hopeful mood. An optimistic folk track that brings to mind summer holidays in Greece, feel good moments in a tavern, islands of the Mediterranean sea, rebetiko taximi, Zorba and traditional villages. Words to describe this music: happy syrtaki carefree holiday bittersweet melancholy Mikis Theodorakis world emotional sentimental longing old times background light travel documentary guitar building touching alleys
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composer: Valkristo | duration: 180 seconds

Price: $29.00
Ancient Stone   full length track

A dark acoustic soundtrack with Nordic and Celtic influences, it will work great for cinematic stuff.
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composer: Crypt of Insomnia | duration: 151 seconds

Price: $59.00
Kinky   full length track

A sloppy played acoustic guitar, glockenspiel melodies and pizzicato strings. The main piano theme is combined with a dulcimer sound. A bassoon for a haimish attitude.
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composer: Toy Invention | duration: 174 seconds

Price: $39.00
Cafe Caffe ( gypsy jazz )   full length track

A bright, and inspirational gypsy jazz style soundtrack. Positive feel with double bass and acoustic guitars creating joyful groove.Fit for commercials, product promos, corporate presentations, business projects, TV and film, happy family and children's videos, summer documentaries, cooking shows.
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composer: Attila Bencsik | duration: 171 seconds

Price: $39.00
Mediterranean Dance   full length track

Acoustic waltz folk track with typical instruments of the Mediterranean tradition, including accordion, bouzouki, mandolin and zurna (surnay). Very melodic, inspiring, it creates and earthy, warm atmosphere. Ideal for documentaries or other productions related to Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean countries.
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composer: White Cat Music | duration: 130 seconds

Price: $39.95
All We Know   full length track

Quirky and introspective indie folk track featuring classical guitar, harmonium and banjo. Has a sarcastic and humorous vibe perfect for modern offbeat commercials.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 33 seconds

Price: $49.99
Venetian Moonlight   full length track

Romantic Italian style Waltz great for movies, travel, culture and cooking shows. Features acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin and accordion.
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composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 101 seconds

Price: $42.00
Dance of lights   full length track

Inspired from a Traditional haunting melody; from the Hebrew word for "dedication" or "consecration. Hanukkah style music.
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composer: Ausilio Camboni | duration: 126 seconds

Price: $34.95
Crazy Chaos Russian Polkas   full length track

Wacky and silly gypsy polka music featuring Accordion, off-beat Guitar, Bass and Violin. Perfect for comedy hi jinx and Borat type awkward funny situations.

composer: Patrick Coen | duration: 121 seconds

From the gentle lapping waves to the warm golden sands, Barceloneta is not just a beach; it's a lifestyle. Our journey begins with the first rays of sunshine that dapple the Mediterranean Sea, casting a radiant glow over the entire neighborhood. The camera captures the essence of beach life here, where locals and visitors alike mingle in harmony with the rhythm of the sea.
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