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Mish Mash   full length track

A more modern sounding electro swing track with synths and an electric piano solo, with live piano and punchy drums.

Price: $22.00

composer: Richard Wilkinson | duration: 111 seconds | size: 18.91 Mb

Halloween Night   full length track

"Trick or treating". Looking for a mysterious track on Halloween? This is something for you. Dark piano sound with the instruments of the orchestra make an amazing dark atmosphere.

Price: $24.00

composer: Dirty Productions | duration: 80 seconds | size: 13.46 Mb

Camp Happy   full length track

Banjo and guitar,handclaps and tambourine with finger snaps, all create an easy going, happy feeling that life is great! Lets go fishing,lets go camping,lets go be shows
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Price: $50.00

composer: Dan pasternak/james zeigler | duration: 75 seconds | size: 12.59 Mb

Sound Asleep   full length track

Beautiful tranquil lullaby played on a music box, a tender, heartwarming piece full of sweet, innocent joy and happiness.
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Price: $60.00

composer: Deep Sounds | duration: 75 seconds | size: 12.69 Mb

Super Fun Children's Theme   full length track

Need catchy, fun and bouncy theme music for your project for kids? That's what this track was custom-composed for. Featuring brass, marimba, bongos, more percussion and a driving, lively beat, this track sets a festive, fun and cheerful mood! Great for television, web projects, games, videos, idents and commercials where you're looking to sprinkle some memorable fun.

Price: $19.00

composer: Clearsound Music Production | duration: 31 seconds | size: 5.29 Mb

Busy Classical Smiles   full length track

This track features a classical quartet of two clarinets, bass clarinet and piano. It has a dignified, stately sound but could also reflect those traits in a comedic or self-deprecating way. It would work well for anything royal, scenes depicting wealth or any formal affair.

Price: $34.99

composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 67 seconds | size: 11.23 Mb

Hesitant Steps   full length track

Quirky orchestral suspense and tension cue. Perfect as underscore for an investigation scene, but not too much serious, is ideal for a comedy, dramedy, a cartoon or a commercial. It has a feeling like Desperate Housewives. Only instruments are piano, pizzicato strings and marimba.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Marco Pesci | duration: 89 seconds | size: 15.01 Mb

Fresh Children   full length track

Light instrumental music with violin, flute, acoustic guitar, bass and drum. Bright melody of violin and flute with rhythmic guitar and drum make lighthearted and carefree mood
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Price: $29.95

composer: Junhak Lee | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.50 Mb

Life is Good   full length track

A happy, innocent and vibrant track with youthful energy, quirky vibe, cheerful melodies and whimsical attitude. Features piano, glockenspiel, marimba, electric guitar, modern drums, strings & Female voice. Perfect for advertising, children and kids projects, YouTube videos, websites and projects needing a fun, carefree, and joyful music track.

Price: $30.00

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 154 seconds | size: 25.93 Mb

Drunk In Love   full length track

Fun, upbeat track starts out with pizzicato strings, ukulele and drum groove. Continues to build over time with Spiccato and pizzicato strings. Use anywhere a sense of good feel and enjoyment needs to be invoked.
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Price: $44.99

composer: Sungtae Kim | duration: 104 seconds | size: 17.58 Mb

Rodeo Guitar   full length track

Rodeo Folk Cuntry tune, happy, funny, casual, and hat in hands dancing upbeat authentic american piece.
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Price: $49.90

composer: Segno | duration: 87 seconds | size: 14.92 Mb

Pals Forever   full length track

A light and bouncy solo acoustic piano. Fun with lots of groove and energy. Feelings of best pals and friends forever. Upbeat lounge music. Wholesome fun that's great for a kids commercial, family and friends and frolicking in the summer sunshine.

Price: $49.99

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 186 seconds | size: 31.31 Mb

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