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Price: $39.99
Barnyard Party   full length track

A very happy and feelgood, homely and wholesome country / bluegrass tune. Traditional americana instrumentation. Perhaps a bit comic or childish, mischievous. Joyful and positive, will suit very well kids shows, comedy, daytime TV, ads and commercials. Pleasures of the simple life, relaxing and playful, living the good life.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 97 seconds

Price: $39.99
Bring the Cocktails   full length track

Peaceful, beautiful, serene and mysterious track based around spacey vibraphone, percussion, staccato strings and a soft hypnotic drum groove. Would suit detective, mystery, psychological thriller projects. Also good for relaxation moments, lounge, spa, rich and luxurious, living the good life productions.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 85 seconds

Price: $39.99
A Honor Game   full length track

Very dynamic, powerful orchestral track with a deep cinematic feeling. Suspenseful and tense, with a slight retro style but very modern sounding. A sense of victory, glory, winning a difficult challenge. Motivating and inspiring. Perfect for game shows, movies depicting bravery and heroism.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 99 seconds

Price: $39.99
Dumb Mission   full length track

A very cinematic track with a retro feel to it. In the style of film music abous espionage, mystery, fantasy, with a slight humorous and comedic sense. Fully orchestral, with percussions and marimba. Perfect for mystery productions with a retro feel; also good for comedy, children productions, and more.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 100 seconds

Price: $39.99
Extreme Confidence   full length track

Very intense instrumental track combining orchestral instruments with electronic-like percussions. The piece is dynamic and energetic, with a sense of suspense, foreboding and danger, but also with a glory / motivation / victory undertone. Will work well for thrillers, chase scenes, suspenseful productions; also good for motivation videos, corporate, game shows.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 85 seconds

Price: $39.99
War of Thrones   full length track

An epic orchestral track, grand, exciting and powerful, with some resemblances to the Game of Thrones main theme. Glorious and majestic, the piece has a sense of danger or impending battle, but with a hopeful undertone. Strings, big drums and choir. Great for use film trailers and other high impact, action packed footage.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 91 seconds

Price: $39.99
The Game Begins   full length track

This orchestral track has the right level of suspense and mystery, building a subtle tension with string pizzicatos and woodwind instruments. The percussion helps to create a foreboding feeling. Good for thrillers, fantasy, adventure, crime investigation. Also good for game shows and any production in need of suspense music without being too nervous.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 102 seconds

Price: $39.99
A Secret Passage   full length track

A soundtrack / film score music made with orchestral sounds. The main lines are a marimba and a clarinet, backed with strings and sparse percussion. A strong mystery feel make this piece the perfect choice for suspense scenes. Also good for drama, thrillers, fantasy, and any production in search of a bit of tension.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 95 seconds

Price: $39.99
Evil Creatures Rise   full length track

A spine chilling, foreboding, scary track. Perfect for scenes of suspense and mystery. The piece begins with percussion and low strings staccato for a great effect, being followed by new elements, slowly driving the music for a climax. Great for thriller, crime mystery, documentary, urgent situation.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 105 seconds

Price: $39.99
Family Mischief   full length track

An uplifting track with soft and friendly marimba melodies, acoustic guitar and strings pizzicato. Soft and positive, perhaps a bit comic and humorous. Similar in mood to the Desperate Housewives, Home Alone, and sitcoms in general. Will suit very well for comedy, childrens programme, daytime TV, and much more.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 85 seconds

Price: $39.99
Good Surprises   full length track

Funny and light tune with a strong appeal fro children and kids, as good as for holidays. Pizzicato strings create the basis for the bells melody play over it. Positive, playful and a bit mischievous, the track also has a slight mystery or suspense to it. Good for use in film and animation as well as for commercials and other media.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 92 seconds

Price: $39.99
Early Sunshine   full length track

A soft and natural sounding piece of music, made with the simplicity of acoustic guitars and a soft drum kit. Subtle but meaningful, positive and light. Somewhere between pop ballad and folk tunes, lighthearted and friendly, a sense of a deep connection with nature. Perfect to add a positive appeal to any project.

composer: Rotemusic | duration: 103 seconds

This is a beautiful area isolated high in the mountains far from any towns or people. We live off grid in our tiny group of houses and I spend a lot of time in the forest.Thanks for taking the time to watch, stay healthy, stay active and do what you can to protect our natural environment.
The video is using some great royalty free music tracks from some awesome composers.
Here's the tracks list in order of appearance....
On The Cliff: On The Cliff
by Crypt of Insomnia
Rest In The Nest: Rest In The Nest
by Joel Loopez
Easy Days: Easy Days
by Jeppe Reil
Oliva: Oliva
by Joel Loopez
Nature Walk: Nature Walk
by Alexander Shwarzborg

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