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3402 Results found for : God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Price: $49.95
God Rest Ye Funky Gentlemen    full length track

A groovy funk jazz instrumental of the classic Christmas song, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Festive and fun groove capturing the sounds of the 70's. The hip tenor sax melody, groovy bass and blazing real horn section swagger over the Christmas holiday cheer. Tight, rocking and packed with a lot of punch and verve. Great for a hip retro commercial during the holiday season.
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composer: Scott Ross | duration: 168 seconds

Price: $9.95
Forest Fall    Transition

Emotional, exotic vocal sounds and taiko drum blend with a simple, yet moving panpipe melody. Ideal for many projects.

composer: Barry Ryerson | duration: 17 seconds

Price: $45.95
Godfather Of Soul    full length track

Classic James Brown style Funk that captures that late 60s retro soul sound that is still popular today. Featuring the hardest working rhythm section in show business, sweet horn section and a splash of piano.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 160 seconds

Price: $49.95
Gods of Olympus    full length track

Epic bold, dramatic, heroic, orchestral piece, inspiring and explosive, with a glorious climax. Epic movie trailer music. Powerful war scenes, marching into battle, sports footage, competitions, racing, flying. Timelapse video, Sci Fi, fantasy. Marathon struggle.
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composer: Score Studio | duration: 144 seconds

Price: $39.95
Gods Of The River    full length track

Mysterious and dramatic orchestral cue with some quirky elements. Beautiful choirs, ominous brass, and psychedelic organs and harpsichords. Crescendos to a wonderful and uplifting climax. Sounds like Disney, Danny Elfman, animation, Pixar.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 100 seconds

Price: $24.95
Gods Gift to Women Hip Hop    full length track

Instrumental also available - This is 'straight outta compton' - recorded recently on a trip the US with my man Double Zedd, fantasitc vocals, great production, amazing scratching, powerful track, instantly memorable. Please check out my other great hip hop tracks if this appeals to you.
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composer: Justin Brett | duration: 132 seconds

Price: $39.99
Gods Of Metal    full length track

An energetic metal track ideal for extreme sports, reality TV and action cues such as Ultimate Fighter, Nascar, WWE and UFC. Huge, powerful drums mixed with edgy detuned guitar riffs. In the style of Metallica, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Rammstein and Pantera.
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composer: Chris Hodges | duration: 71 seconds

Price: $49.90
Gods, Men and Monsters    full length track

Victory and sorrow. An epic track with full orchestra that builds to a grand climax. Great for programs, series and films about winners, exploring and discovering land and sea.
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composer: Ron Verboom | duration: 201 seconds

Price: $39.90
Godforsaken Place    full length track

Tales of betrayal and suspense. A magical and mysterious modern piano track with orchestra and electronic instruments. Great for programs, series and films about adventure, mystery, horror.

composer: Ron Verboom | duration: 129 seconds

Price: $29.95
God Creature    full length track

Hypnotic-dreamy ambient featuring gentle-floating pads, piano, guitar and a light beat. In the second half, the guitar becomes more melancholic, the beat more heavy, groovy and rock-like. Perfect as film score!

composer: Alexander Morte | duration: 291 seconds

Price: $49.00
God Bless Ye Merry, Gentlemen (handbells)    full length track

Upbeat and happy, with a lively handbell choir malleting, this cheerful track is a bright addition to the Christmas and holiday season.

composer: Matthew Prins | duration: 77 seconds

Price: $24.99
God Save The Queen (Jazz Version)    full length track

A jazz waltz version of the British national anthem 'God Save The Queen,' arranged for guitar, piano, upright bass and drums. 130bpm.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 30 seconds

I found a new favorite spot for camping in the Winter with a beautiful stream and a secret waterfall that can only been seen with a drone. I spent a few nights here cooking and keeping warm with the stove inside the hot tent. I experienced all kinds of weather including wind, rain and thunderstorms.
The music I used for the soundtrack is all listed below and is distributed by
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Here are the tracks in order of appearance in case you are looking to check out composers for your own videos...

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