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Price: $39.00
Nature Awakening   full length track

Atmospheric piano track that stimulates trust, accentuates beauty and brings relief. Great for underscores of documentaries, videos and advertisements about relationships, nature, inspiration, motivation and self-development.

composer: Marek Sramek | duration: 186 seconds

Price: $39.00
Bright Days   full length track

An upbeat, light-hearted corporate track featuring uplifting melodies, subtle yet driving drums, and dynamic crescendos. It exudes an aura of optimism, motivation, and assurance. Perfect for commercials, presentations, podcast intro tunes, and much more
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composer: Masis | duration: 155 seconds

Price: $29.00
Funny Travel   full length track

Upbeat and positive folky track with playful whistles tune, ukulele, pizzicato, mallets, organ, bass, and drums. Great for advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive marketing, funny videos, and other uplifting media.
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composer: InodMusic | duration: 158 seconds

Price: $20.00
Ominous Incident   full length track

An engaging electronic ambient track featuring mesmerizing synth pads and smooth piano, evoking a serene and reflective mood, perfect for a futuristic commercial or TV show.
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composer: Sleight | duration: 248 seconds

Price: $29.95
Futuristic Hope   full length track

Contemplative and mystical ambient technology music. Mellow and peaceful chill out electronic underscore for reflective corporate and presentations, soft high tech videos, modern urban life reflections and futuristic hope. Relaxing and calm.
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composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 118 seconds

Price: $68.65
Journey into Light   full length track

Orchestral/World Disney fusion piece for images of excitement, wonder, magic and enlightenment. The piece unfolds and builds, invoking feeling of an exciting and inspiring journey.

composer: Simon Brewer | duration: 252 seconds

Price: $44.99
True Legacy   full length track

A nostalgic and somber electric guitar and easy going drum beat weaves the story of time.
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composer: Christopher Wiseman | duration: 141 seconds

Price: $29.00
Optimistic Outlook   full length track

A soft, positive organic underscore track, featuring mellow electric piano, atmospheric pads and textures, floating strings and smooth percussion. Perfect under dialog, interview, talking head. Styled for corporate media, report, informative commentary, factual documentary, human interest, emotional storytelling.

composer: Christian Goldfish | duration: 128 seconds

Price: $30.00
Mistletoe and Margaritas   full length track

A Holiday ukulele ditty with sleigh bells, celeste, and plucked strings. Sets a cheerful, upbeat festive mood full of wonder and excitement. Great royalty free Christmas music track for youtube holiday videos.
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composer: Joseph Michael Rusnak | duration: 123 seconds

Price: $35.00
If I Sang At Your Funeral   full length track

A dark, poignant pop track with a deep and brooding emotional delivery. A unique and surprising take on love songs.
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composer: Erick McNerney | duration: 197 seconds

Price: $25.00
Imminent Danger   full length track

Royalty Free Music Clips presents this powerful cinematic motivational epic trailer music track to use in your projects.
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composer: Marco Martone | duration: 101 seconds

Price: $34.00
Corporate Orchestra Inspiring   full length track

Motivating, hopeful and uplifting music track featuring piano, orchestral strings, hand claps, energetic drums, solid bass guitar and percussion. Recommended for business presentations, advertising and commercial projects, product/brand overviews, inspirational corporate videos, motivational & success stories, explainer videos, infographics, fashion shows and many more.

composer: Nazar Rybak | duration: 128 seconds

I found a new favorite spot for camping in the Winter with a beautiful stream and a secret waterfall that can only been seen with a drone. I spent a few nights here cooking and keeping warm with the stove inside the hot tent. I experienced all kinds of weather including wind, rain and thunderstorms.
The music I used for the soundtrack is all listed below and is distributed by
Royalty Free Music Clips

Here are the tracks in order of appearance in case you are looking to check out composers for your own videos...

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