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Chill out and whistle   full length track

Chill Out And Whistle is a bouncy royalty free jazz swing track and a very happy dance tune, featuring jazzy acoustic bass guitar with swinging drums, stomps, claps and snaps with bright ukulele along with some light piano chops with tiny bells and xylophone and a cool chill out whistling melody that you will wear as a necklace and show it to all your friends and family members! Just whistle it out to your loved ones and they'll get the idea that this positive and carefree music piece is perfect for your commercials, happy moments and promos videos, app presentations and colorful video games, intros, openers, vlogs, nature and landscape aerial footage and more. Try it today and you will be happier than ever!
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Price: $39.00

composer: Srdjan Milovanovic | duration: 136 seconds | size: 23.04 Mb

Super Simple   full length track

Uplifting and motivational dancing pop-reggae track with positive melodies, guitars, synths, bass, percussion, and upbeat drums. Association and the pictures that emerge from this sound: the best day, positive life, successful journey, good mood, good feelings. Perfect choice for commercials, promos, presentations, tv, advertisements, and productions for children.

Price: $25.00

composer: InodMusic | duration: 133 seconds | size: 22.34 Mb

Enchanted Village   full length track

A beautiful, heartwarming and enchanting orchestra movement bringing about the new coming of spring in the old time village. Lush clarinet and flute melodies. Sweeping and engaging, perfect for any movie soundtrack showing the environments growing beauty and awe.
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Price: $49.99

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 189 seconds | size: 37.14 Mb

Club3   full length track

A slow dance/club electronic edm track with altered female vocals

Price: $29.95

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 167 seconds | size: 28.24 Mb

It's Raining Flowers   full length track

Today is not just another day..This is the moment that everyone was waiting for! Joyful and celebratory, featuring a bright enthusiastic piano solo that creates a happy, festive mood. Words to describe this track: upbeat optimistic hopeful wedding ceremony romantic positive commercial sentimental playful triumphant advertising proud inspirational motivational feel good cheerful sweet heartwarming mellow fun calm gentle uplifting acoustic passionate kids innocent tender carefree heartfelt classical emotional elegant children family holiday lively majestic natural free cinematic flowing noble success achievement friends happiness awards
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Price: $69.00

composer: Valkristo | duration: 124 seconds | size: 20.91 Mb

Hero's Return   full length track

A wooden flute solo over an orchestral backdrop brings this epic tune to life, bringing the wandering hero return after his adventures.

Price: $29.95

composer: Barry Ryerson | duration: 41 seconds | size: 6.93 Mb

Rock N Ride   full length track

Feeling good, active and driving rock and roll. Uplifting rock guitar riff with a straight groove of drums and a bass. Great for action, sports, cars, websites, commercials, presentations, media.
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Price: $39.00

composer: Evgeny Kiselevich | duration: 126 seconds | size: 21.35 Mb

How it Works   full length track

Upbeat and positive pop dance track. Great for online tutorials, walkthroughs and unboxing videos. Easy to loop.

Price: $29.95

composer: Score Studio | duration: 161 seconds | size: 27.13 Mb

Chilling in the Lounge   full length track

This groovy, smooth and light track is perfect  for waiting spots, elevator music, hotels videos, cafees,restaurants, cruise ships, bars etc. The track has smooth, jazzy vibes and a very relaxing and chilled atmosphere. If you are looking for a smooth lounge track with a relaxing mood, look no more
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Price: $49.95

composer: Aarni Aho | duration: 223 seconds | size: 37.62 Mb

Chilled Stylish Hip Hop   full length track

Chilled, stylish beat with a laid back Hip Hop vibe. Cool urban, brassy sounds and lounge style vocal samples. Great for fashion, life style, travel vlogs.

Price: $39.95

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 125 seconds | size: 17.37 Mb

Within The Shadows   full length track

Suspenseful mysterious solo electric guitar instrumental. Spacious, dreamy, hypnotic, haunting, emotive. The compositional structure of this track makes it ideal for visual support. A rock style and genre. Excellent for documentary, film, television and videos that deal with investigation, mystery, suspense, searching, anticipation and similar. 110 BPM.

Price: $29.99

composer: Joey Stebanuk | duration: 81 seconds | size: 13.69 Mb

Funky Fun Time   full length track

Joyful acoustic song with funny trumpets, piano, glockenspiel and an easy going beat. Great forchildrens music, cartoons, advertising and more.
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Price: $39.00

composer: Masis | duration: 195 seconds | size: 32.94 Mb

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