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Price: $37.25
Old School Low Brass Blues   full length track

Strong, heavy and lyrical, this '60s inspired R&B horn track conveys depth, poignancy and authenticity. Real cornet, supporting saxophones and trombone, grooving real electric bass, vibraphone, piano and drums make up its flowing arrangement. Excellent for urban topics and themes, sober dramas and documentaries.
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composer: Pure Artifice | duration: 143 seconds

Price: $39.95
Sweet Loneliness   full length track

Melancholic and warm reflective electronic indie rack. A modern blend of emotional sweetness and urban loneliness. Featuring clean guitar, piano and glock melody, techno house beat and electronica. A great fit for urban cinematic atmosphere, lonely after party, pensive club culture love, time lapse and 21st century emotions, hopes and dream. hopeful, longing and dreamy city night underscore

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 160 seconds

Price: $49.99
City Fun   full length track

Rousing, energetic and upbeat jazz pop song featuring a fun electric guitar melody, and bright real horn section. Groovy bass, real drums, guitars and synths. Sunny and positive with a sweet jazz influence. Makes you want to get up and have a fun day. Sprite, upbeat and enjoyable great for any feel good situation, commercial or t.v. episode. Bouncy and refreshing.
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composer: Scott Ross | duration: 88 seconds

Price: $39.99
Party Like It's Cinco De Mayo   full length track

Authentic and friendly sounding, traditional Mexican instruments perform a Mariachi pieces perfect for your Cinco De Mayo videos!

composer: Michael Nickolas | duration: 104 seconds

Price: $39.00
Gregorian Chants (Agnus Dei)   full length track

Gregorian chants embedded into a mysterious ambient atmosphere. Suits all media projects that require a spiritual background or a journey into the dark Middle Ages. The term Agnus Dei has become semi-technical in church history and liturgy and can refer to two things: 1. A figure of a lamb with a halo and bearing a cross or banner. This symbol for Christ is often found in church artwork and stained glass windows. 2. A prayer to Christ, which is part of the Roman Catholic liturgy. Gregorian ensemble: Schola Gregoriana Hispana conducted by Francisco Javier Lara (Monks of Silos). Gregorian ensemble: Schola Gregoriana Hispana conducted by Francisco Javier Lara (Monks of Silos).
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composer: Akela Sun | duration: 96 seconds

Price: $39.95
Patty Cake Baker - Vintage Nursery Rhyme   full length track

Bouncy sentimental vintage jazz rendition of a classic nursery rhyme with an original arrangement and authentic vintage vibes. Great for projects dealing with children, childhood innocence, memories (especially of cakes and home cooked food).

composer: Patrick Coen | duration: 129 seconds

Price: $49.95
Forgiveness Given   full length track

Soft keyboard music with a child-like, nursery rhyme, bedtime lullaby feel. Good for drama, sadness, contentment, kids, family, longing.

composer: Blindfold Sound | duration: 88 seconds

Price: $49.95
College Fight Song   full length track

Here is an authentic, high energy college marching band playing a rousing fight song. Friday night lights, college sporting events, Homecoming parade, halftime show, drill team, back to school, sports, school spirit, drum corps. Alternate mixes, bumpers, broadcast edits and stings available.
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composer: APAMusic | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $29.95
Twisted Carnival   full length track

This track starts as a typical goofy, fun and whimsical piece you'd hear at a carnival or from an ice cream truck. Halfway through, though, things turn dark as the wheels fall off and the piece descends into a dark and evil spiral downward, to the depths of hell.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 31 seconds

Price: $13.00
Upbeat Medieval Bagpipes   full length track

A surprisingly upbeat and positive bagpipe featured track. Using instruments from the medieval era, this tracks creates a unique sound and texture. It sounds perhaps like a victory dance that would have been played after a battle in the dark ages.
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composer: Erick McNerney | duration: 162 seconds

Price: $34.00
Festive Brass Fanfare   short clip/ident

A trumpet and brass fanfare that is perfect for uses in presentations, at celebrations and holidays, and at special functions. Available in 30-second cue and as short sting.
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composer: Matthew Prins | duration: 30 seconds

Price: $20.00
Melancholy Circus   full length track

Weird, slow and melancholic music with a circus feel. Instruments include, flute, piccolo flute, electric organ, piano and percussion.
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composer: Hakan Eriksson | duration: 90 seconds

From the gentle lapping waves to the warm golden sands, Barceloneta is not just a beach; it's a lifestyle. Our journey begins with the first rays of sunshine that dapple the Mediterranean Sea, casting a radiant glow over the entire neighborhood. The camera captures the essence of beach life here, where locals and visitors alike mingle in harmony with the rhythm of the sea.
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