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Price: $29.95
Outdoors   full length track

optimistic orchestral theme
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composer: Partners In Rhyme | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $24.95
Happy go lucky   full length track

Walking down the road, breeze in the hair, happy with yourself, maybe i've just won the lottery or got "that" girl.. anyway, life is good! Mood: happy. Tempo: moderate. Instrument: acoustic guitar, whistle, choral pad

composer: JN Tinney | duration: 73 seconds

Price: $24.95
The Promise   full length track

A camera pans slowly through an open, majestic landscape, freedom awaits us. We are full of hope and look forward to the future awaiting us.

composer: Hayim Kobi | duration: 69 seconds

Price: $20.00
Pensive   full length track

Subtle and pensive, featuring gentle piano creating a compassionate, introspective mood.

composer: Sleight | duration: 101 seconds

Price: $24.00
Calm Lake   full length track

Ethereal ambient piano music, with spatial soundscapes and slow pads. Great as background music for slow-motions, documentaries about nature, romantic travel vlogs, aerial footage, memorable videos, etc.

composer: MintWhale | duration: 1 seconds

Price: $24.95
Introspection   full length track

Classic, delicate and emotive sounding Spanish guitar ballad with ancient flavor.

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 190 seconds

Price: $24.00
Elegy   full length track

Dramatic symphonic music performed with string and woodwinds instruments.

composer: Crypt of Insomnia | duration: 122 seconds

Price: $29.95
Inspiring Gentleness    full length track

Nostalgic and inspiring cinematic score. Featuring hopeful piano, gentle bell, woodwinds Sentimental and romantic background music for romance, nostalgia, love and longing scenes. heartwarming sweet and soothing underscore.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 102 seconds

Price: $59.00
That Night   full length track

Emotional and dreamy, featuring mellow piano, sentimental music box, quiet celesta and atmospheric mystery pads that create a heartwarming, melancholy mood. A touching piece evoking sincere feelings, fantasy scenes, reflective moments and theatre magic. Words to describe it: gentle sad introspective longing calm tranquil regretful tender peaceful romantic smooth contemplative magical mystical night dramatic documentary ambient nostalgic moving sensitive soothing serene erotic hopeful innocent bittersweet soft love delicate thoughtful drama mournful regret
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composer: Valkristo | duration: 152 seconds

Price: $39.90
You are Invited   full length track

This is a thoughtful, gentle and breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar chords and a touch of strings. This track is very warm, personable and inviting and stays out of the way of an announcer while still creating a wonderful vibe. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites, slideshows, and more.
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composer: Joel Loopez | duration: 144 seconds

Price: $25.00
Breathing with Nature   full length track

This track is a romantic, sweet and beautiful composition is perfect for documentary, time lapse and cinematic videos needing an ambient and airy soundtrack. Featuring piano, smooth electronic instruments, airy woodwind, far trombone and arc strings.

composer: Crypt of Insomnia | duration: 134 seconds

Price: $20.00
Quiet Snowfall   full length track

Gentle and calming piano music featuring strings, celesta, harp, and cello. Nice background for inspiring stories, winter nature views, weddings, romantic and touching videos, charity, gentle moments, dreamy videos, and many more.

composer: DPmusic | duration: 182 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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