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Price: $30.00
Samurai Spirit   full length track

Epic Japanese percussion trailer. Features taiko drums, shakuhachi flutes and tasteful soundscapes. The overall mood of the track is powerful, determined and exotic. Great for Japanese theme backgrounds, samurai, ninja, documentaries, travel, Globe Trekker and so much more.

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 61 seconds

Price: $49.99
Tibetan Flute Cue Two   full length track

This cue will transport you to the mountains of Tibet. You can see the fog and the sun rising. Meditative and lifting.
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composer: Michael Nickolas | duration: 72 seconds

Price: $59.90
Asian Love Song   full length track

Peaceful and calm acoustic ambient Asian chillout. Featuring china traditional bamboo flute. Very melodic, pensive, meditative and heartwarming. Ideal for natural slide-shows, love scenes, scenes with river or mountains; tai chi; martial arts, zen.

composer: Attila Bencsik | duration: 153 seconds

Price: $30.00
Oriental Adventures Soundtrack Dunes   full length track

Be engaged with this collection of oriental, exotic, adventurous set of tracks. From lush duduks and rhythmic darboukas, all the way to epic, triumphant orchestral ensembles. Perfect for documentaries, films, advertisements, video games, end credits or other types of media.

composer: Cinesthetic | duration: 143 seconds

Price: $39.99
Heart Of Asia   full length track

Positive and fun track that mixes traditional Chinese and Japanese instruments with a modern beat. Great for culture, arts, education, travel, tourism, commercials or any project in need of a contemporary Asian themed track.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 180 seconds

Price: $15.00
Foreboding Koto Loop   music loop

Game Styled Japanese Themed music for games and film! Upbeat drum, foreboding action and adventure!Great for ominous menu screen in apps!
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composer: Collin Scudder | duration: 53 seconds

Price: $44.95
Korean Dance   full length track

The ceremony has started. Korean temple is open now. Every one can enter to the monks chamber.

composer: Oliverio Duhalde | duration: 267 seconds

Price: $70.00
Temple Gardens   full length track

Light relaxing Asian music

composer: Joseph Olimpio Pignato | duration: 150 seconds

Price: $34.95
In the heart of Asia   full length track

Very special and interesting track for travel and documentary programs about Asia.Folk Asian instruments are creating an amazing atmosphere of Asian village and leads you into a mistic and fairy world of unknowing Asia.Ethnic drums,flut,oriental violin and other.This track is well suited to a travell programs and to any projects about Asia from exibition to a movie. Calm,relaxing and meditative music.
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composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 196 seconds

Price: $49.95
Tropical Fruit Farm   full length track

Ethnic instrumental music with gamelan, ngoni and various percussions. Gentle and warm sound of gamelan with rhythmic percussions makes natural and native mood.
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composer: Junhak Lee | duration: 175 seconds

Price: $48.65
Out of the East - flutemix   full length track

Unusual and hypnotic blend of world percussion unfolds to a deep, rich and soulful melody with flautist Susannah Trussler (London School of Music). A unique blend of asian stringed and wind instruments with full orchestral textures - warm, hypnotic and rich.

composer: Simon Brewer | duration: 242 seconds

Price: $39.99
Yin Yang   full length track

A oriental, chinese, tibetan track with a relaxing thread running through it. Features santoor, chinese wind and ambient background pads and choir.
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composer: Krzysztof Horn | duration: 280.06 seconds

I found a new favorite spot for camping in the Winter with a beautiful stream and a secret waterfall that can only been seen with a drone. I spent a few nights here cooking and keeping warm with the stove inside the hot tent. I experienced all kinds of weather including wind, rain and thunderstorms.
The music I used for the soundtrack is all listed below and is distributed by
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Here are the tracks in order of appearance in case you are looking to check out composers for your own videos...

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