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Price: $38.00
See You On The Other Side   full length track

A cinematic track, with piano ,violin, flute and cello.

composer: Y.Aharon Konsman | duration: 298 seconds

Price: $39.99
Abandoned Place   full length track

Slow, sad, mournful cinematic piece with cellos, strings and piano. Lamenting violins and touching female voice join later. Sadness, defeat, loss. 155 BPM.
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composer: Piotr Pacyna | duration: 137 seconds

Price: $39.95
Destiny Inspring   full length track

Uplifting high energy music with heroic feel that conveys the spirit of victory and inspiration. Perfect music for motivational projects that relate to achievements and success.

composer: Nazar Rybak | duration: 150 seconds

Price: $34.95
Happy Ending   full length track

Emotional, cinematic and provocative track with piano and live strings. Perfect for a filmscore, commercial, or background music that needs an emotional and provocative song.

composer: Madfish | duration: 165 seconds

Price: $50.00
Strength And Courage   full length track

Strength And Courage is a modern orchestral instrumental track that features moving piano and soaring strings.
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composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 122 seconds

Price: $34.95
Slapstick Cartoon Fast Chase   full length track

Fast and frantic Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon style music featuring expressive strings, brass, woodwind and percussion sections. Think Looney Tunes, Sylvester v Tweety Pie, Coyote v Road Runner. Multiple chase scenarios are depicted with frantic slapstick sections, light comic relief sections and punctuated with risers and hits.

composer: Patrick Coen | duration: 48 seconds

Price: $39.99
Heartbreak   full length track

A soft and emotional String Ensemble track. Light, tender Violin chords layer with warm Cellos and Violas to create create a melancholic sound. Perfect for heartbreaking Goodbyes, Dramas, and moments of Loss and Melancholy.

composer: Clark Aboud | duration: 78 seconds

Price: $20.00
Tribute   full length track

A Respectful Salute, Big Hollywood Epic Sound, flowing into a climatic build up, making this track highlight a key moment in your production! Sounds like Han Zimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean, or something you would hear in a Super Hero Film! Its chord progression has a relatable uplifting feel too it! Inspirational corporate, Magic fantasy, honor, Justice, Super hero theme,
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composer: Collin Scudder | duration: 70 seconds

Price: $24.95
For Glory   full length track

Mid East felling. Starts with a Ude lead, going to a staccato strings run, ending with tribal percussion. Suspense.

composer: Raphael Costa | duration: 93 seconds

Price: $66.00
Heavenly Build    full length track

Piano and strings build slowly to a thunderous climax with drums. Exudes and upbeat, positive, inspired vibe. Perfectly suited for productions looking to capture and epic, grandiose, triumphant mood.

composer: Joseph Rusnak | duration: 142 seconds

Price: $39.00
Meaningful Inspiration    full length track

Inspirational and uplifting orchestral music with a soft piano melody and orchestral staccato strings, that slowly build up and gain momentum. The orchestral sections are supported by soft bell tones accents and light percussion to give this motivational track a positive and lively feeling. A carefully crafted piece that works great for presentations, product promos, ads, commercials, inspirational content, business shows and more.
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composer: ScoreWeaver | duration: 144 seconds

Price: $49.97
Sunlit Pathway   full length track

Positive, relaxing, good-mood music! Piano and bells carry the melody while guitar and orchestral strings set a steady rhythm. Use this in commercials, travel shows, meditation and nature productions, or lifestyle programs. Sounds like HGTV, Travel Channel, or music for corporate presentations.

composer: Joel Steudler | duration: 122 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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