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Price: $29.95
Stoned   full length track

A dark and disturbing track with a repetitive heavy guitar riff. Ideal for bad trip scenes...
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composer: Bonk | duration: 132 seconds

Price: $20.00
Metal jam   full length track

A heavy, dark-sounding, intense heavy metal jam.

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 201 seconds

Price: $35.95
On The Limit   full length track

Hard rock track with a driving feel - great for extreme sports and any projects looking for an adrenaline pumping background

composer: Dan Phillipson | duration: 165 seconds

Price: $24.95
Good Times   full length track

A fun and feel-good rock theme great for transitions and introducing new scenes. Electric guitars, drums, and bass.

composer: Jason Livesay | duration: 25 seconds

Price: $29.95
Single Combat   full length track

Aggressive and Powerful Hard Rock track. Disturbed, Angry and terrible. Mortal Combat. Great for Martial Arts and Action.
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composer: Denis Gorodetskiy | duration: 207 seconds

Price: $24.95
Arose From the Ashes 1   full length track

powerful and mysterious, exotic acoustic guitars, percussion, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

composer: Gayle Ellett | duration: 178 seconds

Price: $29.00
Time to Go   full length track

This bright acoustic rock composition was recorded by live instruments and analog synthesizers.

composer: Crypt of Insomnia | duration: 135 seconds

Price: $39.99
Groove Rock   full length track

This track combines a slow, pocket drum groove with rock guitar and bass. Perfect for tough guys, motorcycles, bar fights, sports or any kind of fun.
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composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 90 seconds

Price: $39.00
Escape   Full Length Track

This is an energetic, powerful epic rock track using fast overdriven strings, electric guitars with bass and punchy drums.
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composer: Srdjan Milovanovic | duration: 153 seconds

Price: $24.00
Rock Me Now   full length track

Intense dynamic classic rock with the solos of the Electric Guitar, Electric Organ, and Drums. Featuring Drums, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Electric Organ. Good for any background music. A perfect soundtrack for promotional videos, YouTube videos, TV commercials, Radio streams, voice-over recordings, podcasts, vlogs, business presentations, fast-slide, advertising, lifestyle movies, film background music, trailers, video, or performance project.
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composer: Vyacheslav Vasylyev | duration: 561 seconds

Price: $39.95
Urgent   full length track

Hi octane modern rock track featuring all the ingredients your need to spice up your products. Gutsy, powerful electric guitar melodies and riffs with a solid real drums and bass foundation. Great dynamic changes from section to section with sweeping electronic and choir stabs push this cue to new heights as it progresses. Great for all energy fueled and high powered uses.
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composer: Denis Woods | duration: 101 seconds

Price: $24.95
Party Hard   full length track

Mid tempo 70s blues rock with gritty guitars a la ZZ.

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 130 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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