Royalty Free Corporate music is positive, uplifting, motivational music. Perfect for presentations or websites that are speaking to a group and trying to get them to do something or to sell a concept or idea. No hassle licensing, immediate download in full resolution stereo WAV files. Click on the title to preview available edits and loops. Purchase separate edits or entire package.
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Entire Site Corporate / Positive
Contemplative Piano   full length track

Organic piano music, great for background music. Neutral, soft, great for commercials and media projects

Price: $39.95

composer: Manuel Ochoa | duration: 203 seconds | size: 34.10 Mb

A Wonderful Way   full length track

A positive and uplifting indie dance pop track. Featuring inspirational piano keys, soaring delayed U2 style guitars, thumping dance beats and a driving bass line. A Great track for many different productions needing that optimistic feel good dance pop vibe. This track will sit well in projects such as advertising, commercials, lifestyle, innovation and creative videos.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Beatrix Productions | duration: 270 seconds | size: 28.57 Mb

Electric Adventures 07   full length track

Energetic rock theme with soft pulsating synths in the background
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Price: $40.00

composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.78 Mb

Company Meeting Rush   full length track

This is an upbeat corporate piece incorporating the ukelele and bells

Price: $30.00

composer: David Butler | duration: 142 seconds | size: 23.90 Mb

Now Celebrate   full length track

Motivational, heartwarming and celebratory track, featuring piano and a string orchestra on a grooving drum beat. Uplifting, anthemic and optimistic. Great music to celebrate achievement and success.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 155 seconds | size: 22.90 Mb

Shanghai Special   full length track

Engaging New Folk track with whistling, hand clapping, humming, quirky and cute synth melodies and some oriental clean guitar melodies. Sparkling xylophone sounds and a very driven bass. Uplifting, energetic and happy tune!
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Price: $69.95

composer: Andrea Quarin | duration: 113 seconds | size: 18.93 Mb

Social Network   full length track

The track was made in a Indie rock style featuring rock band, acoustic and solo lead and drive guitar. Well suited for advertisement projects, high tech products review, business successful style, teenagers relationship etc
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Price: $39.99

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 140 seconds | size: 23.71 Mb

Climbing High   full length track

A positive and upbeat pop/rock track with piano, guitars, bass, drums and synths. Feel good and optimistic, this track is great for adding energy and positivity.
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Price: $59.95

composer: Dan Phillipson | duration: 166 seconds | size: 27.97 Mb

Faded War   full length track

This mellow electronic-influenced pop ballad has shades of the 80s, but still retains a modern feel. The energy builds slightly through the song until a dramatic crescendo after the bridge.

Price: $29.99

composer: Joshua Woodward | duration: 213 seconds | size: 35.99 Mb

Sunday Morning   full length track

Uplifting and inspiring electronic pop music. Spacious and sophisticated synths arrangements with a influence of downtempo in the electronic drums.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Darko Saric | duration: 202 seconds | size: 34.12 Mb

Family Tree   full length track

Gentle harp and piano melody with marimba.

Price: $29.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 26 seconds | size: 4.44 Mb

Star   full length track

An uplifting melodic steady flowing track featuring a nice piano melody. Guitar and piano chords, steady bass, subtle drums, synth pad in support delivering a nice flowing beat and groove. A heavenly choir voice enters mid way that sounds fabulous. Real nice textures throughout. Great for documentary, motivational, optimism, feelgood, corporate videos and anything needing a bright uplifting harmonious feel and sound. Nice underscore and background music.

Price: $35.00

composer: Joey Stebanuk | duration: 162 seconds | size: 27.17 Mb

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