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Just Chillin on Sunset Boulevard   full length track

Far away in summer places, chillin in the sun under a palmtree. A groovy relaxing beat driven track with piano and electronic influences. Great for docu, film and tv programs.

Price: $39.90

composer: Ron Verboom | duration: 194 seconds | size: 32.75 Mb

Inspired Reaction   full length track

This track is versatile and can promote multiple themes, moods and emotions! Ambient Electro underscore track, with a up tempo vide.
view available edits and loops for this track

Price: $16.99

composer: Collin Scudder | duration: 40 seconds | size: 6.75 Mb

Visage   full length track

Elegant and sophisticated, featuring an array of electronic sounds and real instruments, this music textures create a cool and contemplative mood.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Michael Nickolas | duration: 196 seconds | size: 33.03 Mb

Airy Times   full length track

Uplifting, airy and light-hearted minimalist track, featuring some nice ethnic percussions, a simple and repetitive echoing guitar motif, not distracting. Ideal for a lot of applications, from corporate to underscore on TV shows, videogames, on hold, etc. Various edits available.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Marco Pesci | duration: 112 seconds | size: 18.99 Mb

Ambient Darkness   full length track

Dark, trippy ambient track, with a pulsing bass drum, deep bass and echoing melodic ideas. Futuristic and quite serious.

Price: $50.00

composer: AP Music | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.19 Mb

Winds Of Chill   full length track

Yearning and dreamy, with pulsing kicks and droning synths, this is a deep and luxurious piece of chill music perfect for yoga on the beach, spa, relaxation and dramatic or romantic underscore.
view available edits and loops for this track

Price: $39.95

composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 193 seconds | size: 33.22 Mb

Intention - Relaxed Dreamy Lounge   full length track

Relaxed, dreamy chillout / lounge theme with a smooth piano, a mellow bass, light pads, nature sounds and a groovy beat. Conveys an innocent and romantically dreamy mood.
view available edits and loops for this track

Price: $40.00

composer: Waderman | duration: 262 seconds | size: 44.09 Mb

One fine day   full length track

A slow building funky track with acoustic guitar melodies, vocoder vocal, rhodes piano and a nightly vibe.Lyrics: "Where are you going" "Where are you coming from" "We dont know where you are coming from. We dont know where you are going - did you crack the code or what?"

Price: $39.95

composer: Christian Rønn | duration: 224 seconds | size: 37.99 Mb

Soul Poetry   full length track

Relaxing and smooth Neo Soul a la Erykah Badu featuring warm rhodes, a soft piano and sweet bell tone melodies in a modern RnB arrangement. Really laid back and jazzy background music for elegant / luxurious / urban settings. Well balanced, crystal clear production - overall carefree and positive feeling. Perfect for lounges, bars, on hold messages, high end commercial videos and more.

Price: $49.95

composer: ScoreWeaver | duration: 157 seconds | size: 26.58 Mb

Downstream   full length track

Overtone voices, ethno flutes and percussion, accompanied by piano and guitar melodies, give this downtempo piece its primordial, nature-bound character. Just relax and float downstream. For travel, wellness, webcam and more! Tempo is 88 Bpm
view available edits and loops for this track

Price: $49.99

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 182 seconds | size: 30.75 Mb

Moving in Circles   full length track

A peaceful and relaxing track with a minimalistic expression.

Price: $39.00

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 158 seconds | size: 26.73 Mb

Trippy Dream   full length track

Twisted violins play against each other against a backdrop of shifting, ethereal synths and chopped up percussion and piano. Dark and unsettling, nervous and twitchy.

Price: $20.00

composer: Richard Wilkinson | duration: 113 seconds | size: 19.21 Mb

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