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Emerald Conga   full length track

This multi-layered work features some exquisitely layered chordal textures and a pair of flamboyant, yet sensible, Latin lead guitar lines over a hard driving congaline drum and bass foundation...

Price: $49.95

composer: Lee FitzSimmons | duration: 140 seconds | size: 23.57 Mb

Sexy   full length track

A very Sexy modern exciting / lusty track ala Justin Timberlake.Modern Rnb / dance club music --- Modern Positive confident driving lustty upbeat mid tempo drum progressive optimistic up tempo break beat Music Track Drums Synthesizer synths electronic drums Dance Listening lady gaga beyonce Electronic timbaland Contemporary Modern cell phone opening closing excited, fired up, worked up commercial car .psyched turned-on, Intense , Energetic determined fast energizing energy corporate news weaLove stone stoned ther growing stock report television energetic uplifting fresh positive electronic sports opening closing video game TV

Price: $35.99

composer: Ilya Kaplan | duration: 141 seconds | size: 23.80 Mb

My Left Feet   full length track

Uniquely groovey, funky hard rock track with strong retro vibe. Lots of organ, synths and wacca-wacca guitars. sounds like a possible theme to a 70s ghetto cop drama. where's my flares? Contains guitars, bass, organ, synths, drums and very large collars. Book 'em Danno

Price: $34.99

composer: Dan Morrissey | duration: 197 seconds | size: 33.17 Mb

Cheeky Bastard   full length track

Energetic, confident 60's garage rock track. Raunchy guitars and classic Farfisa organ.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Theo Werner | duration: 97 seconds | size: 16.42 Mb

Retro-spection   full length track

Funky beats with an urban flavour and a slight retro feel. Down-tempo and jazzy with a hip-hop element as well.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Michal Cymbalista | duration: 164 seconds | size: 27.45 Mb

Odd Exchange   full length track

Slightly sleazy, yet fun and light. Slap bass guitar keeps the groove going. Perfect under dialog as it doesn't get too big or busy. Reminiscent of comedy TV shows and films like Anchorman and Superbad.

Price: $27.95

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 42 seconds | size: 7.71 Mb

Disco party   full length track

Cheesy disco tune with synths, bells, brass, klaps, bass and drums, nice for a 70's party!

Price: $34.95

composer: Jacky Schreiber | duration: 80 seconds | size: 13.52 Mb

Asian Streets   full length track

Somewhat mysterious and dark with a funky groove, this short 30-second track was designed to be looped for a cool oriental dramatic scene. also great for a ringtone.

Price: $9.95

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 30 seconds | size: 5.05 Mb

Cool Shades   full length track

A fun, slick Latin instrumental with pop and hip-hop elements. Hip-hop beat with vibraphone, acoustic bass, organ, Latin percussion, etc.
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Price: $25.95

composer: EH Music | duration: 60 seconds | size: 10.09 Mb

Wuts Up Dock   full length track

Sit by the Bay and watch the ships come in with this tribute to the golden age of Memphis in the Stax Records heyday. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, bass, drums.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Peter Bell | duration: 182 seconds | size: 30.70 Mb

At Home   full length track

Electric piano and electronica with some light percussion. A good weekend daytime groove having fun with work in the garden.

Price: $29.95

composer: Richard Temple | duration: 92 seconds | size: 15.51 Mb

Permanent walker   full length track

This is classic disco-funk beat with claps, straight bassline, wah-wah electro guitar and synth-grooves.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Funky solutions | duration: 142 seconds | size: 23.96 Mb

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