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Price: $39.95
Brand New Day   full length track

Positive, feel-good pop track, featuring muted echoing guitars, clapping as well as atmospheric pads. Conveys hope, a positive outlook, and new possibilities.

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 134 seconds

Price: $39.95
Big, Loud & Happy   full length track

Explosive, high energy pop rock track with a happy, good-mood vibe and and irresistibly catchy hook line. The main version features a female 'Hey! Hey! chant (the alternate edit does not). Composed of riffing rock guitars, bashing drums and a driving bass - with a string orchestra adding a touch of class.

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 168 seconds

Price: $124.00
That's Your Holiday   full length track

Good times, sunshine, dancing, happiness and carefree living - this energetic, happy and bouncy track with its exotic rhythm conveys all that and more. Features Latin drum beats and piano sounds, Caribbean electric guitar rhythms and African choirs. Holiday mood guaranteed.

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 39 seconds

Price: $39.95
Earth Rise   full length track

This epic and majestic track is a spectacular and powerful piece of music, conveying a sense of awe and inspiration. Great to underscore concepts such as nature, the cosmos, or human kindness or achievement. Great for films, documentaries or corporate videos. Composed of epic scoring strings, piano and world music style drums. The 'light' edit features reduced strings, leaving more room for the drums to dominate the vibe of the track.

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 134 seconds

Price: $39.95
Feeling The Energy   full length track

Happy, bouncy and very rhythmic track with a positive feel good vibe. Female 'Hey!' chants (at 1:17 and again at 1:55) provides that extra ounce of energy. (Edit without female 'Hey!' chants also available).

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 139 seconds

Price: $39.95
Celebratory Fireworks   full length track

Upbeat, motivational feel-good song for corporate / business use. A piano and glockenspiel play triumphantly atop a staccato string section, driven forward by a high energy drums and bass section and electric guitar. Contagiously catchy and good-mood inducing theme!
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 141 seconds

Price: $49.95
Simply About Happiness   full length track

Simple, happy and joyful track. Starts with a simple ukulele and acoustic guitar strumming, and gradually builds into a big, heart melting piece of music. One after the other, like some marching band gradually appearing, the strumming is accompanied by and upright piano and glockenspiel bells, clapping and finger snapping, a cello, a drum kit, tuba, a choir, and last but not least a string orchestra. Conveys happiness, joyfulness and a sense of 'feeling good'. Great for commercials.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 160 seconds

Price: $39.95
Seasons   full length track

Bouncy, joyful, lively and upbeat track. Featuring organic instruments such as a strumming acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass, strings and glockenspiel. The main edit of this trace also features a Hammond organ solo. Great for commercials, advertising on TV or radio, or corporate videos. Conveys happiness, wholesomeness and a sense of well being.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 126 seconds

Price: $39.95
Feelin' Good   full length track

Bouncy, bright and happy feel-good track, featuring acoustic guitar, glockenspiel bells, banjo and piano, all doing their thing atop a swing style drum and bass combo. Lively, optimistic, joyful,and full of energy; great for commercials, kids / children, or corporate use.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 138 seconds

Price: $39.95
Awakening   full length track

Inspirational, motivational, high energy track. Atmospheric synths and classical staccato strings build up to an epic crescendo of driving rock guitars, pounding drums and bass, and bashing cymbals. Conveys celebration, confidence and success.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 144 seconds

Price: $39.95
Inspire   full length track

Bright, inspirational and highly energetic track. A grand piano melody is backed up by and a lively staccato string quartet, joyful guitars, and a driving drums and bass combo. Choir and glockenspiel bells lend some extra ear candy. Great motivational, celebratory corporate music.

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 143 seconds

Price: $39.95
Simple Happy Barn Song   full length track

Organic track, conveys simplicity, happiness and wholesomeness. Made of clapping, whistling and stomping and given a countryside feel courtesy of banjo, ukulele, dobro, acoustic guitar, fiddle, honky tonk piano, polka accordion, tambourine, triangle, and wooden percussion.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 125 seconds

I found a new favorite spot for camping in the Winter with a beautiful stream and a secret waterfall that can only been seen with a drone. I spent a few nights here cooking and keeping warm with the stove inside the hot tent. I experienced all kinds of weather including wind, rain and thunderstorms.
The music I used for the soundtrack is all listed below and is distributed by
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Here are the tracks in order of appearance in case you are looking to check out composers for your own videos...

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