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Price: $29.99
Dance of Joy   full length track

Happy and energetic acoustic dance pop in a joyful and optimistic feel. Bright and stimulating celebratory music, featuring acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, strings, bass and dance beat. Big, cheerful and positive motivational music for corporate success, young joy and celebrations.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 92 seconds

Price: $29.99
Trap Latino   full length track

Positive vibes and vibrant feel in this Reggae - Brazilian - Latino hip hop trap. Cool and feel good track, featuring tight brass section, easy going ska acoustic guitar, synth bass and electronic beat. Best for representing young modern life in Brazil, Jamaica or Latin countries.
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composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 90 seconds

Price: $29.95
Mystical Melancholy   full length track

Mystical and melancholic 60 seconds cinematic track. Longing and mysterious, lonely and reflective score. Featuring repetitive piano drops, hypnotic marimba line and electronic beat. Deep and contemplative instrumental, best for loneliness, mystery, melancholy, nostalgia, sadness and hope scenes.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $39.95
Bluegrass Love   full length track

Easy going and optimistic bluegrass pop tune. Lovely and sweet, mellow and hopeful acoustic background music. Featuring banjo, whistle, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, choir and claps. Great for lazy feelgood, loving, optimism and American outdoors scenes.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 118 seconds

Price: $39.99
The Joy of Love   full length track

Upbeat acoustic pop music in a folk-dance style. Happy, inspiring and uplifting background music featuring acoustic guitar, light house beat, glock melody and string quartet. Bright, driving and motivational in an innocent joy and happiness feel. Best for feel good atmosphere, positive vibes, love and joy, sunny afternoon, American vacations and commercial videos.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 128 seconds

Price: $39.99
Organic Success   full length track

Successful and driving lite corporate rock. Optimistic and inspiring modern acoustic pop rock music for business achievement, success, commercial, presentation, podcast and ads. Featuring uplifting guitars, claps, beautiful and hopeful piano licks and inspirational strings.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 142 seconds

Price: $39.95
Urban Oasis   full length track

Middle eastern hip hop in an adventurous urban world beat style. Mystical and mysterious, deep and exotic track. Featuring hypnotic beat, synth, African flute and oriental plucked strings. Best as modern ethnic background music for film, TV and other video production.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 138 seconds

Price: $39.95
Emotional Mystery   full length track

Romantic and mysterious cinematic track. Longing and dreamy, lonely but hopeful underscore in a touching and moving atmosphere. Featuring mallets, glockenspiel, piano, electric guitar, synth. strings and orchestral percussion. Best for delicate tension drama, love, loneliness, emotional suspense and melancholy, mystery dreams and determined romance.
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composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 160 seconds

Price: $49.95
Trap Loneliness   full length track

Melancholic Hip Hop music in a trap ambient atmosphere. Emotional and longing, hopeful down tempo track that evokes feelings of urban love, city night loneliness, 21st century hopes and dreams and modern time romance. Featuring calm and reflective beat, delicate piano, electronic conga and woman's vocals.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 154 seconds

Price: $39.95
Thoughts   full length track

Reflective and longing piano and strings underscore. Featuring emotional mysterious and melancholic piano lead in thoughtful cinematic style. Pensive romantic loneliness, distant long forgotten memories, hopeful love, wishing, nostalgic and magical.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 130 seconds

Price: $29.95
Sweet Embrace   full length track

Gentle and soothing 60 seconds track for kids and family scenes. Featuring children glockenspiel, music box, violin and whistle. Bright, blissful and hopeful background music. Best for kids video and application, baby commercials, toddler, holiday, parenthood and innocent love

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $39.95
Tension in the Night   full length track

Tense and mysterious electronic cinematic score. Fearful and suspenseful night time underscore featuring atmospheric synths, hypnotic beat and piano melody. Dark and deep, floating and dramatic track for suspense, tension, fear, horror, sci-fi, futuristic and edgy scenes.

composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 160 seconds

I found a new favorite spot for camping in the Winter with a beautiful stream and a secret waterfall that can only been seen with a drone. I spent a few nights here cooking and keeping warm with the stove inside the hot tent. I experienced all kinds of weather including wind, rain and thunderstorms.
The music I used for the soundtrack is all listed below and is distributed by
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Here are the tracks in order of appearance in case you are looking to check out composers for your own videos...

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