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Price: $150.00
Snowblind   full length track

Cool modern urban beats overlaid with melodies and synth textures. Suitable for a wide variety of uses

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 160 seconds

Price: $150.00
Sunrise   full length track

Uplifting solo cello piece with piano accompaniment. Would work well as a bed

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 171 seconds

Price: $150.00
The Hub   full length track

High energy driving house music. Perfect for sports or chase scenes.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 195 seconds

Price: $150.00
The Jump Off   full length track

Fast paced drum and bass EDM club music that builds and drops to dramatic effect. Great for sports of other high energy spots.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 220 seconds

Price: $150.00
The Now   full length track

Cool laid back piano and strings piece. Perfect as a bed

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 228 seconds

Price: $150.00
The Summer House   full length track

Driving summer influenced house music with a relentless drive. Perfect for a wide variety of uses.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 198 seconds

Price: $150.00
Thrifty Hip Hop   full length track

Modern happy Hip Hop beats and melodies.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 116 seconds

Price: $150.00
Unsung Hero Theme   full length track

Slow building inspirational piano based piece

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 421 seconds

Price: $75.00
Urban Beats   full length track

Modern Urban Beats topped with soft melodies and slight vocal effects. Would suit current looking productions.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $75.00
Urban Trap   full length track

Big sounding modern urban Trap with huge synth layers and melodies. Would suits sports and other high energy uses.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 61 seconds

Price: $150.00
Walk in the Park   full length track

Uplifting guitar based piece with bells and live drums. Would be suitable when looking for a happy positive vibe.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 116 seconds

Price: $150.00
The End   full length track

High energy dubstep which builds in intensity with twisting and turning synths and basses. Very suitable for sports.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 226 seconds

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