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Zombie Sounds

We have a great collection of Zombie Sound
available in the Horror Sound Effects on
And we have a category of general zombie sounds if you’re looking to make a film about zombies.
The above sounds are available for professional licensing to be used in
commercial projects.
But we also have a section of free monster sounds and zombie sounds available in the Free scary and Horror Sound Effects for immediate download to be used in educational and personal projects (these do not include a license for commercial use).
We also have some awesome Royalty Free Horror Music and Royalty Free Suspense Music available for licensing in commercial projects and youtube videos available at our new Royalty Free Music site at

You can also get music for youtube at royalty free music clips site. This music is guaranteed not to trigger any copyright flags on youtube or your money back.

Bird Sounds

Download bird sounds effect and royalty free bird sound effects available from free sound effects .com. You’ll bird sounds and in our huge collection of animal sound effects. If you’re on a budget you can check out our free animal sounds selection at free sound effects .com.
On our Partners In Rhyme site we have a collection of 1400 high quality royalty free sound effects for only $49.95, nearly 2 gigs worth of sound effects. We also have hour long nature sounds for use in the background of commercial projects.