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Price: $49.97
We Three Kings    full length track

Epic orchestral Christmas adventure! The traditional holiday song is amplified to new dramatic heights with this huge orchestral rendition. Bold brass, soaring trumpets, and driving percussion deliver a blast of pure holiday power. Sounds like it should be in Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Great for a dramatic, powerful and uplifting Christmas ad or production.

composer: Joel Steudler | duration: 147 seconds

Price: $49.97
We Three Kings    full length track

Modern edgy Christmas music! This take on the traditional hymn brings pulsing synths and powerful orchestra together in a trailer-style blizzard of bombast. Give your Christmas and holiday ads a unique feel with this epic interpretation of the old favorite. Energetic and upbeat. Set your production apart or scare some reindeer. Embrace the drama of the season!

composer: Joel Steudler | duration: 140 seconds

Price: $39.95
We Three Kings    full length track

We Three Kings done as a piano solo, slow and expressive, evoking a somewhat sad and somber vibe that turns positive during the chorus.
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composer: Kevin Packard | duration: 148 seconds

Price: $39.95
We Three Kings    full length track

Contemporary arrangement of traditional holiday carol featuring orchestra and ethnic instruments

composer: Stephen Bashaw | duration: 162 seconds

Price: $39.95
We Three Kings - Piano    full length track

Contemporary piano arrangement of traditional holiday carol

composer: Stephen Bashaw | duration: 191 seconds

Price: $80.00
We 3 Kings (Dubstep Mix)    full length track

Heavyweight Brostep version of classic Christmas carol ‘We Three Kings’ similar to Skrillex, Zomboy, Virtual Riot etc. featuring delicate music box melodies, gritty bass growls and screaming synth leads. Explosive modern Christmas track perfect for Clubs, Parties, TV, Film, Radio etc.

composer: Deep Sounds | duration: 115 seconds

Price: $27.95
We Three Kooky Kings    full length track

A quirky orchestral version of the classic Christmas carol We Three Kings.

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 119 seconds

Price: $30.00
Quirky Cues - All is Well    full length track

Gentle, upbeat, warm and sunny track with vintage organs, plucked strings, percussion and marimba. The track gently builds to a conclusion. 'All is well' is just as you would think and is perfect for Documentary, Web, reality, children's and lifestyle spots. Great for a scene needing a relaxed cue

composer: Benny Hawes | duration: 52 seconds

Price: $35.00
Good King Wenceslas    full length track

Traditional Christmas Carol with a gentle and soft orchestral arrangement. Lots of warm strings, rich french horns, piano and orchestral chimes create the perfect atmosphere of Christmas. Very good for a more relaxed Christmas spot. Available in both 2 and 1 verse Edits.
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composer: Benny Hawes | duration: 66 seconds

Price: $29.99
We Wish You A merry Christmas    full length track

Stripped back and slow version of a Christmas Classic. Soft piano is the lead here with a subtle choir towards the end. Very sparse in instrumentation but it helps to create a different feel from a familiar Festive melody.

composer: Benny Hawes | duration: 56 seconds

Price: $50.00
West    full length track

A Fantastic Spaghetti Western Track with that true western sound. The track rises and falls creating both tension and action. Featuring all the traditional western elements: Whistle, Strings, Guitars, choirs and brass. Perfect for any wild-west / cowboy spot you may have.

composer: Benny hawes | duration: 189 seconds

Price: $30.00
Halloween    full length track

Creepy, scary and unsettling Halloween track with lots of haunting effects, big church organs, thumping percussion and that classic spooky theremin sound. Its the real sound of halloween!! this track will work with any Halloween project you may have.
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composer: Benny hawes | duration: 401 seconds

From the gentle lapping waves to the warm golden sands, Barceloneta is not just a beach; it's a lifestyle. Our journey begins with the first rays of sunshine that dapple the Mediterranean Sea, casting a radiant glow over the entire neighborhood. The camera captures the essence of beach life here, where locals and visitors alike mingle in harmony with the rhythm of the sea.
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