Royalty free vocal music. These tracks have singers and lyrics. Royalty free music is usually instrumental but quite often vocals are needed to add something extra to a mostly visual project.
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Passionate Latin Pop - La Copa De La Vida   full length track

Hot and energetic Latin track with driving percussions, bass groove, catchy ethnic voices, pop brass, playful e-guitars and a motivating beat. Gives a good mood and summer feeling. The perfect background music for fun sports or football!
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Price: $39.95

composer: Alexander Morte | duration: 132 seconds | size: 22.29 Mb

Minimal Ambient   full length track

A minimal, thought-provoking, imaginative and contemplative ambient track with patterns and structures that resemble thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Features minimalist piano, processed voices, strings, reversed effects and loops. Perfect for commercials, websites, projects involving the environment and nature, time-lapse projects, YouTube videos, Kickstarter projects and more.

Price: $30.00

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 155 seconds | size: 26.13 Mb

New Moon   full length track

Highly original and exotic chill-out pop, an alluring Female vocal, minimal piano, drums, cool saxophone motifs and layers of complex soundscapes, all add passion and an erotic touch. Suits all media projects that require a cool vibe incl. Cafe-Del-Mar, travel, catwalk, erotic dancer, fashion shows and more!

Price: $35.00

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 169 seconds | size: 28.48 Mb

Too Much    full length track

A Brit-pop inspired rock track that captures the essence of 90's Manchester bands like the Soup Dragons, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Blur. A swagger fueled ride down memory lane, with attitude and teenage sneers.

Price: $39.95

composer: Zander Sehkri | duration: 223 seconds | size: 36.81 Mb

Beautiful, Inspiring & Sentimental   full length track

Beautiful, inspiring and moving background music, perfect for wedding videos, romantic declarations, remembering a special event or person, or projects with an inspirational or emotional message. An uplifting, sentimental grand piano, together with beautiful female vocals set an inspired and emotional / sentimental tone.

Price: $39.95

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 126 seconds | size: 21.14 Mb

Peruvian Tales   full length track

Melancholic-hypnotic world music with ethnic voices, relaxing, meditative pad sounds, a dreamy acoustic guitar, percussions and timpani. Suitable for travel as well as ethnological themes.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Alexander Morte | duration: 58 seconds | size: 9.84 Mb

Incredible India Ambience   full length track

Ethnic ambient India / Asia sounds courtesy of Indian sitars, tablas and Asian percussion. Great background music for travel / geographic documentaries or other Asian or Indian themed projects, to depict the rush, the chaos, but also the tranquility and spirituality of Indian life. BOTH VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL EDITS AVAILABLE
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Price: $39.95

composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 139 seconds | size: 23.32 Mb

No Más Tristeza   full length track

Uplifting Latin Disco, translates to 'no more sadness.' Fun, feel-good, exotic, late 70s Salsoul orchestra vibe. Imagine Santana produced by Quincy Jones! Horns, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Piano and a funky rhythm section.
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Price: $49.99

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 233 seconds | size: 39.26 Mb

Finding Our Way   full length track

A very lively song with vocals, ukulele, brushed drums, piano, upright bass. The lyrics talk about the many, simple things that make our life happy and interesting. A very nice whistle version, a no lead (instrumental) version and 2 different loops are also available. Enjoy!
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Price: $49.00

composer: White Cat Music | duration: 147 seconds | size: 24.83 Mb

Get On The Funk Bus   full length track

An infectious, funky track with a classic 70s sound. Features vocal hook, slap bass, rhythm guitar, piano, synth and drums. A great retro dance track to give your project a cool party vibe!
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Price: $39.99

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 148 seconds | size: 24.94 Mb

Party with Friends   full length track

Party Rocker - Joyful and motivational dance track with vocoder, synthesizer and electronic drums. This piece gives positive emotions for any project.

Price: $26.90

composer: Dirty Productions | duration: 155 seconds | size: 26.20 Mb

Magic at Rivendell   full length track

Beautiful, inspiring, and elegant, this dream-like orchestrated "Lord of the Rings" track has tender moments and emotional swells, intimate moods and sweeping grandeur. Perfect for fairytale backgrounds, romantic wedding videos, family movies, photo slideshows, Christmas projects, and any project needing an magical and inspirational mood to go along with visually beautiful moments.

Price: $30.00

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 93 seconds | size: 15.73 Mb

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