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In Great Company   full length track

A positive, motivational track about the good things in life - with acoustic guitar, piano, rhodes and a shuffle beat. Put this track to use in your production for those situations where you want to spread a positive and optimistic feeling.

Price: $34.00

composer: Clearsound Music Production | duration: 132 seconds | size: 22.21 Mb

Destination Product   full length track

Positive and uplifting piano, electronics and guitars combine in this piece perfect for presentations, corporate events, commercials and uplifting moments of positivity.
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Price: $69.99

composer: Glacier Music Productions | duration: 118 seconds | size: 19.88 Mb

It's Gonna Be All Right   full length track

Smooth, moody, groovy pop music with big-beat and jazzy influences. A nice and easy track; friendly but without getting too bubblegum'y.
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Price: $24.90

composer: Wojciech Panufnik | duration: 270 seconds | size: 25.41 Mb

Clockworx   full length track

Instrumental modern indie rock similar to Coldpay's "Clocks". Its' hi energy, emotive nature is luxurious, sophisticated and inspiring. Dreamy piano and lively, passionate drums are the centerpiece of this uplifting and motivational corporate cue. Great for dramatic soundtracks, corporate videos, retrospectives, & scenes of luxury & romance.

Price: $24.99

composer: Justin Crosby | duration: 98 seconds | size: 16.59 Mb

From Worst to Best   full length track

This piece of music is aimed to illustrate life going from worst to best! It follows the exact upward slant of most all pharmaceutical ads on television and radio - starting sad, getting happier and ending joyful. However, it's use is not limited to just that. It could be used for anything needing music that shows an upward slant! The track uses extensive piano with warm bass and soft synth pads. This would work perfectly for many uses certainly including pharmaceutical ads, videos and commercials and medical ads, videos and commercials. This could also be used extensively in news programs, television shows and documentaries showing the upward slant of a situation. It would also fit perfectly into corporate videos and commercials from many other style companies that design anything to improve people's lives!
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Price: $39.95

composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 73 seconds | size: 12.22 Mb

Digital Fields   full length track

A bright and airy, light pop instrumental track. Medium tempo at 110 BPM with easy, relaxing and feelgood melodies. Sentimental and dreamy, comforting like a sunny summer day, with a bass guitar, acoustic / electric guitars and drums, strings and synthesizers textures.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Krzysztof Horn | duration: 185.97 seconds | size: 31.29 Mb

Successful Motivation   full length track

This inspirational and upbeat track is happy and inspirational. Perfect for a commercial or presentation, light rock guitar riffs and pop synths provide a powerful and strong feeling.
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Price: $29.99

composer: Emmett Cooke | duration: 163 seconds | size: 54.91 Mb

U Too   full length track

Determined, confident rock anthem ballad

Price: $39.95

composer: Stephen Bashaw | duration: 65 seconds | size: 12.02 Mb

Black Glitter   full length track

Looking for swag? This track got it! Pounding indie drums and a fuzzy bluesy guitar riff. Pushy yet cool. Some resemblance with the Gray Glitter classic hit "Rock and Roll, part two", which also inspired "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys. Confident and respectful.
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Price: $44.95

composer: Felipe Adorno | duration: 147 seconds | size: 24.84 Mb

The Ukulele Commercial   full length track

The perfect sound for any commercial (available in 50sec and 30 sec versions) This track is wonderfully light, happy and above all else; catchy. Simple piano stabs, ukulele and chime bars create an upbeat and light tone with a catchy guitar melody played on top. Perfect for advertising!
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Price: $45.00

composer: Benny Hawes | duration: 50 seconds | size: 8.47 Mb

No worries   full length track

A careless cute and simple tune. Very positive and playful. Great for cartoons. Featuring Fender Rhodes, woodwinds and pizzicato strings.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Leon Riskin | duration: 90 seconds | size: 15.23 Mb

Pretty girl   full length track

Classic, solid, pumping pop-rock for a good time featuring bluesy guitars and hopeful arpeggios.

Price: $59.95

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 180 seconds | size: 30.28 Mb

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