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Viking Raid   full length track

This epic drum track builds with intensity as it conveys a sense of action, suspense and power. Great for scenes featuring ancient warriors, clashing tribes, or difficult military missions.

Price: $27.95

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 54 seconds | size: 9.21 Mb

Hard   full length track

Classical large orchestratral percussion featuring gongs, cymbals and timpani.

Price: $41.95

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 50 seconds | size: 8.90 Mb

Percussive Drones 02   full length track

Ambient pulsating underscore with arpeggiated elements and soft percussion
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Price: $39.00

composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 192 seconds | size: 32.30 Mb

Movie Trailer Drums   full length track

Powerful and huge orchestral drums in an intense syncopated rhythm. Suited for action and adventure scenes and movie trailers.
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Price: $199.00

composer: Felipe Vassão | duration: 61 seconds | size: 10.21 Mb

The Samba Percussion Party   full length track

Powerful samba theme featuring authentic Brazil drums and percussion. Great for sport events incl. soccer and many other "feel great" media projects!
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Price: $40.00

composer: Akela Sun | duration: 70 seconds | size: 11.73 Mb

Hybrid Percussion Attack   full length track

Heavy Percussive Trailer Cue

Price: $30.00

composer: David Butler | duration: 68 seconds | size: 11.44 Mb

Epic Cinematic Trailer Music VI   full length track

ENGAGE your audience with this huge and thrilling orchestral trailer composition of epic proportions. Perfect for blockbusters, podcasts, Youtube videos, film and video game trailers, or any other type of media that needs professionally written and produced trailer music. Included Instruments: Full Orchestra including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, choir, cymbals, bassoons, harp, trumpet, french horns, viola, violin, piccolo, clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, timpani, big drums, bass drum, and toms. Dubsteps, digital SFX, risers, downers and hits. Similar Music Composers/Producers: Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Brian Tyler, Harry Gregson-Willams, Ramin Djawadi, Klaus Badelt, Jesper Kyd, Tyler Bates, Ivan Torrent, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, Thomas Bergersen.

Price: $39.95

composer: Cinesthetic | duration: 150 seconds | size: 25.21 Mb

Brazilian Bounce   full length track

Tropical and celebratory percussion based groove track. Wonderful music to highlight sport and soccer futball highlights and recap of games. Very Brazilian or South American feel lends itself well to dance, cardio Zumba and workout.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 181 seconds | size: 31.25 Mb

War Drum Number 1   full length track

Hollywood massive war drums, full of drama , tension and atmospherics. Fast based action drums. High end production strongly recommended of scenes in high-paced action. Please check out all my other war drum tracks which are available.
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Price: $24.95

composer: Justin Brett | duration: 153 seconds | size: 25.74 Mb

Burning Bridge   full length track

It's cool, it's hip, it's now, it's a drum solo in the style of the movie Birdman.Mid-tempo jazzy drum track, with a dynamic, exciting structure, this is the perfect backdrop for a refined, urbane, and minimalist scene or sequence. Perfect for sophisticated productions, such as features and shows, and also for presentations that require an edge.

Price: $40.00

composer: Eric Bolvin | duration: 116 seconds | size: 21.33 Mb

African Dance   full length track

This is a very complex tribal percussion track. Using the African method of poly-rhythms. There are more than 4 different time signatures and beats played by more than 5 percussion part. The instrumental lead version is less tribal and more westernized.
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Price: $9.00

composer: Erick McNerney | duration: 49 seconds | size: 8.41 Mb

Primitive Color   full length track

Cinematic Polynesian drums track with huge drums and layered percussions. Great for action, dramatic scene and trailer.
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Price: $34.99

composer: Sungtae Kim | duration: 84 seconds | size: 14.23 Mb

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