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Birds-eye view   full length track

A hybrid of Asian and African motives provide a feeling you get when looking at vast landscapes from high above.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Hayim Kobi | duration: 170 seconds | size: 28.60 Mb

Township rules   full length track

A happy, african groove. lots of percussion and a flute/mallet combination doiong the melody. The flute also does a counter-melody that makes this track sound great.

Price: $20.00

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 196 seconds | size: 32.97 Mb

Positive Africa   full length track

Inspirational and uplifting African theme which features authentic voices and instruments from Africa. A catchy melody, a overall happy and positive atmosphere makes this track ideal for all kinds of African media projects.
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Price: $39.00

composer: Akela Sun | duration: 151 seconds | size: 25.44 Mb

The Jungle Totem   full length track

An exciting trip into the jungle. West African stringed instrument named cora, the storm of ethnic drums, distant flute and guitar licks over contemporary modern beat. It all gives you the feel of adventure, joy and vacation! Perfect for travel channels, jungle footages, TV documentaries and everything that is related to exotic holidays, world cultures, expeditions. D major, 133 BPM.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Piotr Pacyna | duration: 193 seconds | size: 32.57 Mb

Arabian Oriental Atmosphere Music   full length track

This track is great for arab and ethnic scenes, desert and oriental landscapes, world travel shows and many more. instruments and orchestration: percussion, ney flute phrases, synth pads, bass and vocals.

Price: $19.95

composer: Eitan Epstein | duration: 141 seconds | size: 23.71 Mb

Logg   full length track

Upbeat intro with electronic marimba and ethnic percussion. Foreign holidays, travel, sunshine and brightness would all describe this track perfectly.

Price: $39.99

composer: Denis Woods | duration: 145 seconds | size: 24.49 Mb

Egyptian Adventure   full length track

Dramatic Middle Eastern score featuring Oud, Percussion, Strings and Duduk. Builds in intensity with a breakdown halfway through before building again. Perfect for action and adventure films and video games.

Price: $49.99

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.74 Mb

Arabic Logo   short clip/ident

Dark cinematic logo. Ideally for your projects

Price: $25.00

composer: SnowMusicStudio | duration: 15 seconds | size: 2.52 Mb

Babylonian   full length track

Middle Eastern club music with authentic touches. Intense an up-beat trance-like track, with a middle-eastern flavor, this track is the perfect mix between modern and timeless. Perfect for productions that require a vibrant, fresh, and at the same time recognizable feel, such as movies, TV shows, and commercials.
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Price: $50.00

composer: Eric Bolvin | duration: 96 seconds | size: 16.18 Mb

Wildlife   full length track

Beautiful African choirs, introduce a dreamy atmosphere that transports in open spaces. On the colors of nature.
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Price: $39.00

composer: Ausilio Camboni | duration: 70 seconds | size: 11.88 Mb

Ethnic World Action Beat   music loop

Any ethnic beat with various ethnic instruments. Featuring middle eastern percussion and vocals, ethnic violin, and bagpipes doubled with an oboe. Perfect for cinema and games.

Price: $18.00

composer: Erick McNerney | duration: 64 seconds | size: 10.85 Mb

Cobra Dancer   full length track

Indian mystery with a touch of hip hop. A modern feel of the mysteries of India and beyond. Fashion show with a middle eastern flare. Harem girls dancing.

Price: $29.95

composer: APAMusic | duration: 110 seconds | size: 18.67 Mb

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