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Price: $48.65
Tiger Bay   full length track

Gentle and touching classical flute piece with orchestral accompaniment. Pastural drama, documentary, film and romantic. Flute player, Susannah Trussler - London School of Music.

composer: Simon Brewer | duration: 213 seconds

Price: $30.00
A Certain Kind of Mood   full length track

A atmospheric downbeat track with the feel of bristol-sound like Massive Attack or Portishead. Very interesting drum beats, e-piano, upright bass, B4-organ, pads, various guitars and a deja vu trumpet line.

composer: Peter Schreiber | duration: 247 seconds

Price: $29.99
Darien Gap   full length track

This starts out as a sparse, light toe-tapper, and gradually builds until reaching a dramatic explosion into an inspiring rock section. This is perfect for setting up a scene with dialog over the first half, and a bittersweet instrumental section following.

composer: Josh Woodward | duration: 246 seconds

Price: $39.95
Lonely Road   full length track

Beautiful and laid back uplifting track with soft percussion, acoustic guitar and piano rhodes. Atmospheric sounds create a wonderful mood, slowly developing the theme but keeping the softness of the music. Suitable for scenes of contentment, emotion and satisfaction.
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composer: Darko Saric | duration: 100 seconds

Price: $29.99
Dancing Crab   full length track

Warm ethnic track with quirky snare sound. Kalimba, bass guitar, breaked drums, hihats with occasional pan flute and harp melodic arpeggios.
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composer: Krzysztof Horn | duration: 140.04 seconds

Price: $39.95
Barbie Does Boston   full length track

Cheap Retro Porn Music. Reminiscent of the late seventies and early eighties, the golden era of porn, this cheesy rock is almost too stupid to be true. Drum machine, electric guitars and bass and a lot of wah wah creates a sexy vintage atmosphere.
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composer: Felipe Adorno | duration: 135 seconds

Price: $40.00
Acoustic Adventures 09   full length track

Medium tempo acoustic guitar orientated theme with arpeggiated synths in background
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composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 110 seconds

Price: $34.99
Old family pics   full length track

Slow, thoughtful and romantic pop-rock track, featuring a beautiful piano melody leading, atmospheric pads, arpeggio synths, bass and drum.
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composer: Denys Rybkin | duration: 232 seconds

Price: $39.95
Vibrant Tide   full length track

Something good is about to happen! Vibraphone, piano, bass, a steady drum loop and some ambient pads and sound effects create a very dreamy, atmospheric and exciting sound with a feeling of hope and expectation. A track that speaks to the heart, perfect for any modern, contemporary drama, film or reality show. Could work really well for corporate use or commercials as well.
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composer: Martin Sebastian Holm | duration: 179 seconds

Price: $27.95
Prarie Breeze   full length track

A contemplative acoustic guitar based track that lends itself well to wedding montages and bittersweet scenes in films. Heartfelt, yet subtle, the drama of this track is punctuated by soft sub bass drum hits. A dreamy pad accompanies the acoustic guitar.

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 154 seconds

Price: $29.99
Are You Looking For Me?   full length track

Percussion, ambient synths, and funky bass keep this track mellow and forward-moving at the same time. Possibly the long lost Enigma track? Whisper vocal says "Are you looking for me?"

composer: Justin Nihiser | duration: 95 seconds

Price: $39.95
History of Flight   full length track

Sombre, mysterious, calm, introspective. Three versions, one with 2 sopranos singing, one without, and one with only the hang drum and propanium playing, creating a backdrop of ambient surreal beauty. Get the whole package and you have a complete loopable mix for your entire project.
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composer: Robert Mann | duration: 80 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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