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Super Happy Irish Tune   full length track

A happy, positive, bouncy and inspiring Irish folk ditty. All acoustic (REAL!) instruments, including bouzouki, penny whistle, accordion, upright bass, kick drum and hand claps. The ultimate Irish party track, feel-good guaranteed!
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Price: $44.95

composer: Martin Sebastian Holm | duration: 207 seconds | size: 34.87 Mb

Folky Acoustic and Accordion Loop   music loop

Folky Acoustic and Accordion Loop is an instrumental music loop that features acoustic guitar, accordion, glockenspiel and shaker.

Price: $40.00

composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 89 seconds | size: 15.05 Mb

The Journey To Glory   full length track

Epic, huge and dark track with orchestra instruments.
Piece is for anyone who is looking for a dark song with an old Celtic sound.Great as action movie trailer, for a movies, documentaries, film, games.

Price: $29.90

composer: Dirty Productions | duration: 109 seconds | size: 18.37 Mb

Irish Jig   full length track

Happy and bouncy Celtic Irish jig and reel. Featuring melodic fiddle, accordion and tin whistle. Cheerful and celebratory. Pubs, dancing leprechauns, romantic comedy, vacations, Irish adventures, Travel Channel, Documentaries, History Channel.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Art Munson | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.81 Mb

Highland Games   full length track

This atmospheric, uplifting, celtic cue begins with a rhythmic acoustic bass and powerful bass drum. Bagpipes being to play the melody, then, strings, piano and guitars are introduced to play the full theme.

Price: $29.95

composer: Score Studio | duration: 163 seconds | size: 20.69 Mb

Baroque Jig   full length track

A great upbeat track for period pieces, historical documentaries, fantasy, fairytales, dancing, merriment and good old fashioned 17th century fun. Features recorder, flute, lute, harp, shawm, viola and simple percussion.

Price: $39.99

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 67 seconds | size: 11.30 Mb

The Soul Of Ireland   full length track

A Celtic folk track that tells an Irish story.

Price: $24.95

composer: Clearsound Music Production | duration: 36 seconds | size: 6.07 Mb

Celtic Hope   full length track

Celtic Hope is a slow piece of celtic music that dramatically illustrates the culture and the beauty of this area of the world - while the music describes a possible conflict that has been going on for a long time - there is always a sound of hope within. Celtic flutes soar along with lush soundscapes. Would work very well in travel shows or stories in Ireland or Scotland. Also would be fitting for the burial of a hero. In addition, great relaxation music.
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Price: $29.99

composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 113 seconds | size: 18.93 Mb

Dances   full length track

Traditional old medieval style of music featuring the whistle and the gralla horn.

Price: $59.95

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 160 seconds | size: 26.75 Mb

Merry polka   full length track

This folk tune was made with a live instruments as flutes, accordion and guitar. Music of eastern Europe countries. Very funny, positive and dancing. Good for the travel and comedy projects and villagers life.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 184 seconds | size: 31.08 Mb

Pirates n' Rum   full length track

Foot stomping, raucous, rum drenched pirate shanty. Features acoustic guitars, drums, bass, accordion and fiddle. Great for drinking pirate scenes, making trouble. Would also work well in Irish pub scenes.

Price: $34.95

composer: Kevin M Baumgard | duration: 98 seconds | size: 16.74 Mb

Celtic Spirit Flute   full length track

Irish flute melody introduces theme with stirring and patriotic rhythms. Bodhran, tin whistle and large toms give flavor of Ireland and Celtic blends. Soulful, enchanted and mystical elements.
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Price: $58.65

composer: Simon Brewer | duration: 134 seconds | size: 20.93 Mb

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