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Price: $34.95
Blue Rock Shuffle   full length track

Down and Dirty Blues/Rock electric guitar, with drums, bass and organ; half-time shuffle ala Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray-Vaughn.

composer: Scott Lloyd Shelly | duration: 155 seconds

Price: $38.65
Bubblegum   full length track

Upbeat lively track with a 'daytime tv - kids' feel. Some comical elements, quirky, playful with a nice groove. Other edits available.
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composer: Simon Brewer | duration: 66 seconds

Price: $24.99
Spy Academy   full length track

A funky comical suspenseful spy track with a funky foolish edge . Imagine Mr. Bean Starring in any James Bond flick. --- police academy funny undercover danger spying secret perilous, risky, precarious, uncertain uncertainty, dangerous, mission hazardous, difficult, ticklish, awkward uncertain, insecure, unsafe, unsure lethal, deadly, fatal, mortal, toxic difficult, problematic,perilous, hazardous, chancy, touch-and-go, precarious, Colloq iffy, dicey, dodgy, touchy opening closing Absence darkness, dimness, murkiness, obscurity pitch-dark black foreboding depressing: black,bleak dreamy dark , afraid, aghast,apprehensive, bugged, careful, choked, clutched, concerned, disquieted, distressed,disturbed,disturbing dreading, fearful, fidgety, ,searching apprehensive careful tension parents parenthood , passing time clock watch time bomb expecting expectation slow breathing opening closing playful groove quirky urge to get to some place celebration, cheer, clowning, distraction, enjoyment, entertainment, escapade, festivity, foolery, frolic, gaiety, gay game good time, grins, high jinks, holiday, horseplay, jesting, jocularity, joke, joking, jollity, joy, junketing, laughter,nonsense, pastime, picnic playfulness, pleasure, recreation, rejoicing, relaxation,spending money , casino cards , dice winning playing thinking , chess expectation driving , trip biking opening closing light comedy agent mission impossible kids.

composer: Ilya Kaplan | duration: 84 seconds

Price: $29.95
Children's Playground   full length track

Happy and bouncy tune with fun sounds and a steady groove. Great for kids programming, games and any colorful, bright and fun media.
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composer: Michal Cymbalista | duration: 141 seconds

Price: $27.95
Four Aces   full length track

Funkified brass and band perform a driving, energetic track, perfect for pushing along a scene or adding to the hype of a new product launch. Retro sounding, could also work for a throw back to the 1970s, or a casino scene.

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 40 seconds

Price: $25.00
The groove school   full length track

Cool and funky, this track is a hybrida jazz/new-age/indie-rock track!!! Lots of stuff for everybody, even an altered horn section.

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 194 seconds

Price: $29.95
Funk It Up   full length track

Get on the good foot with this classic retro funk jam. Guitars, bass, drums
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composer: Peter Bell | duration: 177 seconds

Price: $29.95
Wake Up   full length track

Light, Lively, Optimistic and Positive funky jazz theme. Style of the 70th. Wah Guitars, Rhodes, piano solos.
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composer: Denis Gorodetskiy | duration: 180 seconds

Price: $24.95
Rough Candle Blues   full length track

Organ introduction into a rhythmical bass groove, cool & funky alternative blues groove. Mood: easy going. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: Organ

composer: James Tinney | duration: 180 seconds

Price: $19.00
In The Summer Heat   full length track

An elegant background track with driving acoustic and electric guitars, for fun and dancing. Perfect for TV and web advertisement, cinema, radio, YouTube, applications, background, corporate and motivational presentations, viral marketing, promos, commercials, documentaries, for inspirational and positive themes in your projects.
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composer: Francois Rivollet | duration: 102 seconds

Price: $39.00
Scouting Rewards   full length track

Fashionable and beautiful quality elegant smooth jazzy Lounge background music with soft deep beats, beautiful rhodes piano chords, smooth sounds, cool chill lounge relaxing calming mood and groovy rhythm. Works great in driving menu games, and any stylish and dynamic video.
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composer: Joel Lopez Esteves | duration: 129 seconds

Price: $29.00
I wanna dance   full length track

Funky groove pop track featuring guitars with a confident riff, rodes, synth, brass, and drums. Perfect for commercials, TV, entertainment, party, motivational or uplifting projects.
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composer: InodMusic | duration: 124 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called 'Clouds Moving Fast' by Ilya Kaplan

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