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An Awakening   full length track

A simple oboe riff is taken over by the strings, developing into a wave-like movement, imagining a montage of changing scenery or seasons, before a final restatement of the initial theme on confident strings.

Price: $35.00

composer: Richard Wilkinson | duration: 154 seconds | size: 25.96 Mb

Child-Like Amazement   full length track

Utopia describes the feeling of this song. This song creates a place where everythingis perfect. It is the ideal background music for videos or film productions. This cinematic dream features Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion. This production is perfect for: - Cinematic, Dramatic, Film Trailer, - Movie Intro, Film or TV Credits Opener - Happy and emotional cinematic sequences - Background for videos - Cinematic after effects projects - Music for Youtube Thank You for your purchase!  Let us know what project this song is used in by sending us a link.

Price: $34.95

composer: Tim Brown | duration: 126 seconds | size: 21.20 Mb

At The Circus   full length track

3/4 Quirky pizzicato strings with woodwinds, and a xylophone playing an adventurous melody. It has a misterious feeling as well as a silly one. Some orchestral flavours added to enhance the goofy mood. Perfect as underscore for cartoons, commercials, children, comedy, dramedy.
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Price: $49.95

composer: Marco Pesci | duration: 107 seconds | size: 18.08 Mb

Heartbeat Of The Universe   full length track

If the universe had a pulse, this would be it. This is a highly atmospheric and yet versatile track, featuring different moods, from dark and mysterious to sweet and wondrous. There's even a rhythmic, faster section with a feel of urgency and anticipation. Three different 60 seconds version cover these different moods.
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Price: $39.00

composer: White Cat Music | duration: 305 seconds | size: 51.43 Mb

Starlights   full length track

Continue percussion, piano melody very linear, suitable for documentaries or reflective moments

Price: $39.00

composer: Augusto Prandi | duration: 200 seconds | size: 33.68 Mb

Paths   full length track

A short, dynamic orchestral piece featuring a mood shift from somber to uplifting and happy.

Price: $40.00

composer: Joseph Rusnak | duration: 46 seconds | size: 7.71 Mb

The Enchanted Wizard   full length track

A magical, playful and enchanted track with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel and other orchestral elements. Perfect for when you want to tell a story about wizards & witches, magic, adventure or fairytales!

Price: $24.95

composer: Clearsound Music Production | duration: 70 seconds | size: 11.87 Mb

Beautiful Inspiring Trailer Music   full length track

Imagine the rain as it gently drops on your skin, while breathing the humid, fresh air of a calm, rainy week of autumn or spring. Discrete guitar sounds, reverberating piano, full string section, reversed effects and muted drums are all intertwined in this beautiful, delicate piece. A very versatile track with multiple variations, perfect for film, video games, television, advertising, web, design, fashion and more!
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Price: $39.95

composer: Cinesthetic | duration: 192 seconds | size: 32.30 Mb

Samurai Lament   full length track

Dark ominous score with a heavy Japanese influence

Price: $60.00

composer: Joseph Olimpio Pignato | duration: 120 seconds | size: 19.98 Mb

Fairytale Dream   full length track

Nostalgic romantic instrumental with a music box melody, accompanied by piano and orchestra. Childlike and melancholic in tone, with a dreamy quality. More instruments are added as it goes on. Would work well as theme or background music to give visuals a sense of magic, fantasy and wonder.

Price: $24.95

composer: AP Music | duration: 138 seconds | size: 23.22 Mb

Orchestral Passion   full length track

Beautiful modern orchestal strings create a majestic feeling of epic proportions. Modern orchestrial percussion provides the drama and an overall impact of grandness is instant.
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Price: $29.99

composer: Justin Brett | duration: 151 seconds | size: 25.54 Mb

Invasion   full length track

Epic orchestral music ideal for action scenes. This work has 2 parts, The first part characterized by an uninterrupted crescendo, generates an incredible feel of drama and tension. The second part, quieter and desolate will regenerate in a grand finale
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Price: $49.50

composer: Segno | duration: 169 seconds | size: 29.14 Mb

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