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Last Chance   full length track

A modern, dubsteppy electronic track with a hard beat and melodic piano. Sets an upbeat, serious tone, great for sports.

Price: $60.00

composer: Joseph Rusnak | duration: 104 seconds | size: 17.55 Mb

Ume's Tears   full length track

Melancholic, contemplative new school jungle track featuring sentimental piano, smokey, winding double bass and scattering, fractured jungle breaks. A haunting cinematic jungle track in the style of Alix Perez, Sabre, Spectrasoul, Calibre etc.

Price: $80.00

composer: Deep Sounds | duration: 105 seconds | size: 17.73 Mb

Hard Acid House - Acid Burn   full length track

Hard acid house with robotic voices, crazy synths, distorted elements, floating effects and a powerful beat. Motivating, modern and extremely fat.

Price: $39.95

composer: COF Recordings | duration: 249 seconds | size: 42.04 Mb

Running Fast   full length track

Fast electronic industrial rock cue, ideal for action, extreme sports, racing, great also for videogames. Simply and repetitive, it also works simply as music bed under sport news. Various distorted elements driven by arpeggiated synths
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Price: $44.95

composer: Marco Pesci | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.53 Mb

Heels   full length track

Edgy modern house track. Perfect for confident catwalk. With dubstep elements such as wobbles and screams. Strong bassline and repetitive theme and a nice drop.

Price: $29.95

composer: Christian rønn | duration: 90 seconds | size: 15.14 Mb

Bang Bang French House   full length track

Cutting edge French house - modern synths, click beats and great breakdown, really cool for adverts, great within movie dance scenes, anything cutting edge technology. Movement, energy, cities.

Price: $29.99

composer: Justin Brett | duration: 49 seconds | size: 8.30 Mb

Fat Breaks   full length track

Thick and chunky break beats with a nice fat bass line. Upbeat track that is great music for anything on the go.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Beatrix Productions | duration: 95 seconds | size: 15.91 Mb

Furious   full length track

A high octane, in your face, balls to the wall electronic/rock hybrid. Great for action, chase scenes, or intense fights. Plenty of raw synths and nasty guitars back by glitch percussion. Explosive and adrenalin packed with atmospheric breaks.
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Price: $44.95

composer: John Judd | duration: 133 seconds | size: 22.46 Mb

Free the Machine   full length track

Dark down tempo trck featuring glitchy synth and melodies

Price: $70.00

composer: Joseph Olimpio Pignato | duration: 130 seconds | size: 21.92 Mb

Skrillit   full length track

This aggressive dubstep / drumstep track is a contemporary cue remeniscent of artists such as skrillex, Knife Party and Nero. It's energetic, driving and gritty. It has a funky danceable groove, screaming wobble bass that stands up and grabs your viewers attention, and a reggae influenced chord progression that is a nice blend of dub and progressive dance. It's exciting, extreme and fashionable and would work nicely in advertising, extreme sports and athletic video, automotive promos, video games, tv and film and as hi energy in store or a phone on hold music.
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Price: $49.95

composer: Justin Crosby | duration: 203 seconds | size: 34.15 Mb

Bionica   full length track

Addictive and deep Dubstep, trancelike intro, massive breakdown at 00:27, a heavy bassline, some seductive female vocal cut up accents and synth stabs! Very modern and high-tech sound! Works for car commercials, game previews, fashion shows, nightclubs, youth content and more!
view available edits and loops for this track

Price: $49.95

composer: ScoreWeaver | duration: 148 seconds | size: 24.92 Mb

On the Fritz   full length track

Edgy, aggressive dubstep track. Young, fresh and modern sound. Would work great for extreme sports, young media, technology, teens and crime scene. Anything cool and contemporary. Features drums, synth and raunchy, dirty synth bass.

Price: $39.95

composer: Kevin M Baumgard | duration: 106 seconds | size: 17.95 Mb

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