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City Dawn   full length track

An electronic music track. Positive, uplifting with many guitars and a joyfull and energetic mood. Ideal for beginning and openings.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Julio Kladniew | duration: 142 seconds | size: 23.89 Mb

Techno Light   full length track

A droning, bouncy and driving instrumental techno song ready for the rave dance floor. A somewhat dark and mellowing quality. Big beats and pounding flavor. Great party fun. Perfect for an assembly line of baked goods, cleaning commercials or cardio classes at the gym. Ready for a Halloween theme show.

Price: $49.99

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 132 seconds | size: 22.21 Mb

Later   full length track

Melancholic sounding minimal house track with nice synt sounds and good melody. Moody and midtempo. Nice sounding minimal production. Trentemoller.

Price: $29.95

composer: Christian rønn | duration: 58 seconds | size: 9.77 Mb

Sunset Disco   full length track

Super smooth funky disco house. Think of summer and sunsets mixed into a house track that is uplifting yet chilled. A great background track for fashion and party productions as well as anything needing an upbeat funky vibe.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Beatrix Productions | duration: 166 seconds | size: 28.07 Mb

Fashion Forward   full length track

This is an uptempo dance groove with funky bass and electric wah keys.  It's a perfect background for corporate videos, fashion shows, instructional videos and more.
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Price: $34.99

composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 93 seconds | size: 15.70 Mb

I Can't Stop Dancing   full length track

With fat synth lines and a very modern sounding, this electronic track will bring everyone to the dance floor. Very authentic, with a traditional build up in the middle section, the "hands up in the air" moment. Slightly weird and psychedelic. Party, night clubs, young people, dancing, night life.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Royalty Free Masters | duration: 252 seconds | size: 42.52 Mb

Nightlife   full length track

Laidback electronic pop dance track with funk and house elements featuring sax, funky guitar, electroninc sound, synth, arpegiators, vocal sfx. Will work well as a video background about club life, night city, life of contemporary megalopolis, vacation, advertisement, commercial. Festive,dancing, friendly, positive. Tempo 124 Bpm
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Price: $34.95

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 189 seconds | size: 31.85 Mb

All the Rage   full length track

This underscore is both striking and swanky in its motivational qualities. The contemporary sound will lend it itself to edgy, current, and innovative products. Position yourself as a market leader by choosing this underscore. Your audience will respond with confidence to the novel product or service you are offering.

Price: $34.95

composer: Tim Brown | duration: 128 seconds | size: 21.63 Mb

Apparition   full length track

spacey,ethereal,moody,groovy,dreamy,haunting & other-worldly electronic track.a determined beat combines with ghostly synths & vocal fx to make motivated music suitable for corporate/science/news/documentary/dramatic/mystery type projects

Price: $34.99

composer: Dan Morrissey | duration: 184 seconds | size: 31.09 Mb

Pop Tech Punch   full length track

An electronic pop track with playful catchy melodies, bouncy electro synths and hard hitting upbeat drums. Ideal for positive, techy, teen, sports, 80's and youth uses. Something you would hear on Bravo, VH1, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon and tech car commercials. Intelligent, inspiring, energetic and futuristic.
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Price: $44.95

composer: Chris Hodges | duration: 122 seconds | size: 20.52 Mb

Sunday Morning   full length track

Uplifting and inspiring electronic pop music. Spacious and sophisticated synths arrangements with a influence of downtempo in the electronic drums.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Darko Saric | duration: 202 seconds | size: 34.12 Mb

Midnight In The City   full length track

This is a hip and energetic indie dance track that is a nice hybrid of artists such as Arcade Fire M83 and Modest Mouse. It has a driving yet uplifting main section featuring piano, guitar, synthesizer, bass and drum machine. It breaks into a melodic chorus with a cool m83 like vocal humming that's memeroable without ever being too catcy or cliche. This exciting track is cool, chic and very current. It would work nicely in film and tv, video games, in store music or as a phone on hold track that will have your customers grooving.
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Price: $49.95

composer: Justin Crosby | duration: 291 seconds | size: 48.96 Mb

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