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Price: $39.00
Rough Guys   full length track

Powerful modern indie rock / trailer track with mighty guitars, big kicking drums and exciting effects. Great for sport, presentation, as intro, backgroundmusic, motorcross and many more.
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composer: Masis | duration: 123 seconds

Price: $39.95
Elysia   full length track

Cool, deep bass urban groove with infectious melodic hooks and fx. Pulsing synths and contemporary production techniques make this always an aural surprise. Catchy, memorable and impressive track, perfect for Film/Tv, Advertising, Corporate branding/presentation, Reality TV, Infomercial, New product launch and Contemporary drama.

composer: Denis Woods | duration: 144 seconds

Price: $39.95
Blank Zero   full length track

Energetic drum'n'bass track with dubstep elements. Perfect for fast, dynamic game, presentation or video. You may feel a little inspired by The Prodigy style :)
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composer: Bartłomiej Niedźwiecki | duration: 137 seconds

Price: $34.95
Fat Boy is Right Here   full length track

An energetic, freewheeling and slowly evolving track based on Fatboy’s Slim „Right Here, Right Now” reaching its climax at 01:16. Simple, hard-hitting and fat Big Beat drums, hypnotic synth patterns, vocal scat hook. Celebratory, exuberant, uplifting and lo-fi.
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composer: Piotr Pacyna | duration: 210 seconds

Price: $40.00
Move Your Body   full length track

Big Beat electronic track in the vein of Fatboy Slim and Stereo MC's. Fun and uplifting tune, featuring electric guitar, funky bass-lines, sitar, organ, vocal fx and energetic drum beats. Great for the dance floor, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and youth targeted commercials.
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composer: Konstantinos Panagiotidis | duration: 188 seconds

Price: $32.90
Arabian Night   full length track

Moody track with elements of Asian music and rock. This combination makes the track is dynamic and is great for action movies, games, video, photography.
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composer: Dirty Productions | duration: 216 seconds

Price: $39.95
Tresspass   full length track

A hard driving, dark electronica track with chugging guitars, pulsing bass and anchored by hard-hitting drums. Ominous industrial soundscapes add to this aggressive and foreboding track. Perfect for creating an evil, tension filled sinister mood.

composer: Zander Sehkri | duration: 272 seconds

Price: $49.95
Deep Thoughts   full length track

Thick and raw arpeggiated bass is the star here. So chunky and flowing with groove and momentum. Spacey filtered and delayed synth elements give this track an otherworldly and cutting edge sound.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 122 seconds

Price: $44.95
Badass   full length track

A high octane adrenalin charged electronic rock hybrid. Features a main guitar theme with plenty of synths, glitch percussion, and sfx. If your production needs to be supercharged with a rough and edgy energy filled atmosphere, then this is your track. Perfect for high testosterone sports, action, and more.
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composer: John Judd | duration: 142 seconds

Price: $19.95
Dubstep Topboy   full length track

Huge dubstep track, superb wobble bass with intricate cut ups and effects and great production values. I have added a large number of dubstep tracks so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !
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composer: Justin Brett | duration: 137 seconds

Price: $34.95
Revolution of the underdogs   full length track

Straight forward electronic track with a confident and powerful synth bass hook. Makes you wanna take a stroll with a baseball bat. Can be used in crime scenes, sports or action movies.
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composer: Leon Riskin | duration: 164 seconds

Price: $26.00
Funk Monk Punk   full length track

Documentary, Drama, Electronica/Dance, Pop, Reallity TV, Rock, Urban/HipHop/Rap Aggressive, Anxious, Chase, Danger, Scary, Surveillance, Tense

composer: John C King / David Hopper | duration: 130 seconds

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