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Cigarette Halo   full length track

Baby done left me! Slow, sleazy, lazy, mellow, passionate, soulful, climactic track. imagine yourself in some new orleans blues dive-audience in darkness, air thick with smoke, sweat dripping from your brow as you watch the dimly lit band bare their souls & tell of the heartache in their lives.

Price: $39.99

composer: Dan Morrissey | duration: 248 seconds | size: 41.88 Mb

Indie Folk Roads   full length track

Reflective and searching indie folk music for road trips and nature scenes. Featuring acoustic and electric guitar, piano, accordion, upright bass and lots of percussion.
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Price: $20.00

composer: Hakan Eriksson | duration: 123 seconds | size: 20.71 Mb

Stripper Blues   full length track

Blues track for strip club or similar burlesque environment. Dry blues drums, slide guitar riffs, muted trumpet riffs and piano riffs makes this the ideal choice for background music in a strip bar and simlar.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Christian Rønn | duration: 76 seconds | size: 12.78 Mb

Sweaty Workin' Blues   full length track

This is a rockin’ blues guitar track for the working man! This is perfect for any scenes of good, old fashioned, hard work!
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Price: $39.99

composer: Christopher Wiseman and Christopher Purner | duration: 90 seconds | size: 15.22 Mb

Heroic Inspiration   full length track

Positive and Inspirational music track with a heroic touch. Uplifting and emotional piece featuring acoustic and electric guitars, inspiring solos, percussion, bass guitar and drums. Great for film, TV, motivational videos, documentaries and other projects.

Price: $39.99

composer: UniqueSound | duration: 193 seconds | size: 32.47 Mb

Dog   full length track

A groovy guitar instrumental. A cool and laid-back track suitable both for background music or television theme.

Price: $39.00

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 223 seconds | size: 37.63 Mb

Easy Piano Blues   full length track

Bouncy blues played on piano, very organic and cool. Left hand play a bluesy rhythm and right hand snesual melodies

Price: $29.95

composer: Manuel Ochoa | duration: 161 seconds | size: 27.05 Mb

Southern Hands   full length track

Groovy southern swag instrumental with a tight real horn section, pumping bass, real drums and flowing guitar melody. Bouncy and raucous perfect for the southern bars and clubs, or a Chevy truck commercial. Great flowing feeling overall with pent up energy and excitement. Perfect for shows like American Pickers, Duck Dynasty, fishing shows and barbecue shows. Saturday night in the Urban Cowboy scene.
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Price: $49.99

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 224 seconds | size: 37.67 Mb

Colorado   full length track

Folk sensations, freedom and adventure meet here. Country stile piece with sweet armonica melody lines. Check loops, stinger, alt mixes and other music cuts available for download made from the same music. Thanks for hearing us and enjoy!
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Price: $49.50

composer: Segno | duration: 135 seconds | size: 22.93 Mb

A Single Passion   full length track

Slow and thoughtful is how this banjo driven underscore begins then it turns to a powerful, driven melody. This underscore is passionate and sultry as it delivers a combination of fiddle, electric guitar, bass guitar, and finger snaps sounds. It is gritty and soulful with a tab of bluegrass thrown into the mix. Your audience will find this tune both alluring and addictive.

Price: $34.95

composer: Tim Brown | duration: 172 seconds | size: 29.28 Mb

Winter Piano Blues   full length track

This mellow background jazz track features an acoustic piano and bass duo, playing warm and soulful blues harmonies beneath a relaxed piano solo. This bluesy jazz track conjures images of church on Sunday, building a snowman, relaxing with your family by the fire or a candlelit romantic dinner. Simple and smooth jazz piano with a bluesy feel.

Price: $44.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 144 seconds | size: 24.31 Mb

Handy Saint Louis Blues   full length track

All known early jazz era blues by Handy. Live jazz trio- upright detune piano,jazz guitar and upright bass. Retro music, jazz bar. Well suited for the movie documentary projects about early 20th century in the U. S. prohibition law, gangsters etc. This song in a public domain

Price: $39.99

composer: Handy | duration: 212 seconds | size: 35.67 Mb

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