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Entire Site Action / Thriller
Potential - 15   full length track

Powerful and heroic full orchestral score track featuring dramatic and energetic strings. Impulsive piano, epic French horns, dynamic percussion. Sounds very menacing, confident and energetic. Perfect for big action scenes.

Price: $59.99

composer: Denys Rybkin | duration: 337 seconds | size: 56.86 Mb

Nicotine   full length track

Fast, loud in your face track. Features electric guitars, drums, bass and synth. Great for chase scenes, crime in progress, extreme sports, nascar, crime lab scenes. Crime scene investigation. Dark, sinister, intense.

Price: $29.95

composer: Kevin M Baumgard | duration: 66 seconds | size: 10.98 Mb

The end   full length track

The track was made in a cinematic dramatic style,tense.Guitar band.Medium tempo,solo lead guitar. Live and motivated.Good for the film progects.

Price: $31.95

composer: Costa | duration: 130 seconds | size: 21.97 Mb

Reptilia Uprising   full length track

Huge, powerhouse underscore featuring FULL orchestra. Up-tempo,big band arrangement,with strong,remarkable wind-section theme,and a build up to a more straightforward second half,this track has a midsection drum solo that gives it an edge. Perfect for productions that require an uplifting,traditional,and recognizable soundscape.

Price: $29.95

composer: Eric Bolvin | duration: 141 seconds | size: 23.65 Mb

Jungle Chase   short clip/ident

Uptempo action theme with heavy percussion,dark textures and brass. Multiple accents

Price: $30.00

composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 27 seconds | size: 4.58 Mb

Dubai   full length track

Any heart-rate will definitely pick up with this piece. Enhancing scenes of passion, action, adventure or speed, through it's enthusiastic, hypnotic drum and bass. Would also dove-tail perfectly with all contemporary digital media projects, as it is designed to invoke awe in the viewer.

Price: $44.95

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 204 seconds | size: 20.86 Mb

Epic Battle Drums   full length track

Epic battle drums, three mixes available, high paced action drums full of hollywood tension, drama and atmosphere.
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Price: $24.95

composer: Justin Brett | duration: 114 seconds | size: 19.22 Mb

Broken Sensor   full length track

Images of post apocalyptic destruction, alien terrain, this aggressive electronic rock track combines a driving bassline with ethereal electric guitar lines building in intensity as a plucked electric guitar and driving drums join in. Very moody and atmospheric but at the same time forward moving.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Kevin Packard | duration: 97 seconds | size: 17.84 Mb

Edge of The Cliff   full length track

Big and brash Survivor-ish music that drives anyone to furtherest heights of rock and craziness!

Price: $29.99

composer: Justin Nihiser | duration: 28 seconds | size: 4.66 Mb

Overdriven   full length track

Fast-paced energizing heavy rock track with an extreme sports feel. Features lots of electric guitars, tight rock drums and an overdriven bass line.

Price: $39.95

composer: AP Music | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.19 Mb

Last Minute   full length track

Fast paste modern broadcast/corporate music. Electronic textures and synthesizer begins this track followed by the brass playing an exited melody making this track an excellent choice for news, broadcast, corporate, newscast, breaking news, special news reports, financial.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Darko Saric | duration: 204 seconds | size: 34.36 Mb

Quantum Momentum   full length track

A great track to add excitement and movement to a scene. Big percussion and full orchestra dominate, but as the piece progresses electronics and guitars bring it into a feverish and exhilarating track.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Richard Temple | duration: 154 seconds | size: 38.94 Mb

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