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Price: $39.00
The Dark Dreaming   full length track

Dark and enigmatic Australian outback theme. A combination of didgeridoo motifs, hypnotic sticks, distorted guitars and percussion beats create this truly exciting outback theme.

composer: Akela Sun | duration: 186 seconds

Price: $39.95
Aggressive Action Trailer   full length track

Aggressive, brutal trailer music. Suits action, sports, games and dramatic projects. Features elements of rock and industrial, with a metal guitar riffing away at the centre of this menacing track, dodging a series of brutal hits as good as it can.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 77 seconds

Price: $29.90
Chase   full length track

Moody and and dynamic drum& bass track. Great for video, action movies, multimedia presentations, games and other projects.

composer: Dirty Productions | duration: 136 seconds

Price: $39.00
Nashville Street Racers   full length track

Modern, driving upbeat track with powerful stomp drums, massive guitars, and exciting sfx like risers and Impacts. Great energetic, powerful track for sport, presentations, action, Trailer and many more.
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composer: Masis | duration: 125 seconds

Price: $45.95
Escape Trailer   full length track

Dramatic trailer, highly suitable for short opening

composer: Julio Kladniew | duration: 18 seconds

Price: $59.95
Action Hero   full length track

Action packed, heroic, dramatic and energetic cinematic orchestral track with electronic beats and synth elements. Conveys energy, excitement and dynamism.
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composer: Score Studio | duration: 149 seconds

Price: $19.95
Action Background Loop 3   music loop

Action Loops are powerful and rhythmic background underscore tracks, perfect for placement in modern contemporary TV programs, Web content or Video games. All loops are perfectly looped for seamless back to back playback. All loops come with alt versions, this enables easy composition of dynamic shifts and emphasis in your material. Captivating, memorable and impressive track, perfect for Film/Tv, Advertising, Corporate branding/presentation, Reality TV, Infomercial, New product launch and Contemporary drama.
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composer: Denis Woods | duration: 22 seconds

Price: $39.00
Silent Chase   full length track

Having different evolving parts this dramatic cinematic soundtrack is perfect for trailer and tenseful content.

composer: Paul Werner | duration: 217 seconds

Price: $99.95
Chasing Shadows   full length track

Exciting orchestral track featuring lots of epic brass and driving percussion. Perfect for that chase scene through the haunted house, forest, or when the creepy dude is chasing you with a chain saw! Excitement builds and builds on this one!

composer: Richard Charles Pfenninger | duration: 125 seconds

Price: $39.99
Action Quest   full length track

Action and tension rolled into one! Great orchestra and electronic sounds build throughout to the big climax. Perfect for a drama, dramatic use.
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composer: Michael Nickolas | duration: 96 seconds

Price: $40.00
The Final Challenge   full length track

Aggressive and action-packed, The Final Challenge is an epic orchestral track that features big drums, powerful brass, and energetic strings. It has three different easily-editable sections of varying intensity so it is sure to fit into your production. Perfect for sports, action scenes, reality TV, video games, advertisements, crime shows, trailers, and anything else that needs to hit hard and leave them wanting more!
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composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 82 seconds

Price: $39.99
Something Unspeakable   full length track

A modern epic action cue with driving percussion rhythms and orchestral energy. Perfect for sports action sequences, themes for TV shows, and any advertising that wants to deliver a high energy image, brimming with confidence.
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composer: Sungtae Kim | duration: 121 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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