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Joyous Orchestral Waltz   full length track

This cheerful waltz starts with accordion and builds to grand, orchestral chord changes. Heartwarming melodies playfully interweave over top the music creating a pleasant, mellow soundscape.

Price: $29.95

composer: Joseph Rusnak | duration: 73 seconds | size: 12.31 Mb

AP BS Sunset Guitar   full length track

Acoustic melodic theme,eastern europe sounding. Storytelling

Price: $29.00

composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 63 seconds | size: 10.64 Mb

Dreamy Fellini   full length track

Quirky and hypnotic retro classical piece, with a heavy influence from Italian traditional music and Baltic/Gypsy music as well. With a somewhat funny and unusual mystery aura, investigative and foggy. A repetitive cello pizzicato progression is surrounded by a series of dreamy chromatic melodies on mandolin, clarinet, flute, celesta, glockenspiel, basson, harmonium and violin. This piece could easily fit a Frederico Fellini's surreal scene.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Felipe Adorno | duration: 160 seconds | size: 26.97 Mb

Big Mama in Chains   full length track

45" spot. Here comes Big Mama, featuring muted trumpet, Fender piano and spiky guitar, over the clank and grind of washtub drums and metal chains. A curious track that could summon visions of dank prisons and chain gangs... but with a sexy, hot groove!
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Price: $29.95

composer: Brilliant Music | duration: 45 seconds | size: 8.26 Mb

Comic Ragtime   full length track

A short, bouncy and joyful Ragtime piano piece. Short "stinger" which is great for intro-screens, splash screens etc.

Price: $19.99

composer: Yuri Sazonoff | duration: 23 seconds | size: 3.93 Mb

Funny Walk   full length track

A very quirky , funny tune , imagine a funny character , perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of troble walking the foreign streets
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Price: $35.99

composer: Ilya Kaplan | duration: 70 seconds | size: 11.79 Mb

Tango Mortale   full length track

A tango track in the style of the modern Tango like gotan project. Melodic with bandonion, piano, accustic guitar, contra bass and a modern beat. Tango is a social dance originating in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Price: $29.00

composer: Peter Schreiber | duration: 209 seconds | size: 35.33 Mb

Whats Up   full length track

Snap your fingers to this cool fusion piece swinging like they did in the early 60’s. Electric guitar, electric piano, bass, and drums with brushes.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Peter Bell | duration: 180 seconds | size: 30.30 Mb

The devil to pay   full length track

Elegant and beauty loop, harmonised as live band show at cabaret, with rich piano melody line and acoustic guitar solo.
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Price: $9.95

composer: Funky Solutions | duration: 8 seconds | size: 1.26 Mb

Round Trip   full length track

Nice, hopeful and positive, rhythmic pop track.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Wojciech Panufnik | duration: 190 seconds | size: 31.98 Mb

Strut   full length track

Imagine being visited in the dead of night by the ghost of a Burlesque dancer or a post war German cabaret artiste.Meaty beaty big and bouncey glam electronic track. Huge synth bass, brass and jazzy big band groove based drums with a modern twist. Also contains stirring string section melodies. Raunchy & sexy. Reminiscent of Goldfrapp

Price: $39.99

composer: Dan Morrissey | duration: 273 seconds | size: 46.02 Mb

Happy Hour   full length track

Uptempo-Track, dancing, positive, party-time, catchy song, easy listening, Piano-Line, Hammond-Organ, Guitar, Bass and Drum. Tempo: 170

Price: $24.95

composer: Peter Schreiber | duration: 281 seconds | size: 26.36 Mb

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