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Got Me Going   full length track

This sexy, swinging pop track features lead vocals and horns. It is high-energy and stylish. Perfect for all sorts of videos, commercials, and films.

Price: $24.95

composer: Neil Hampton | duration: 244 seconds | size: 41.11 Mb

Sunday Morning   full length track

Happy and fun acoustic track, positive as a sunny Sunday morning, whistling in the kitchen while the children play happy. With whistle, ukulele, tuba, brush and guitar. Suitable for commercial trailers and advertising.

Price: $39.00

composer: Augusto Prandi | duration: 61 seconds | size: 10.43 Mb

Romantic Dance   full length track

Smooth, mellow and peaceful solo piano composition with a soft jazzy touch. Carefree and relaxing music that brings to imagination the images of driving at sunset in a beautiful coastal town in a convertible car looking wonderful surroundings and having a peace of mind.

Price: $34.99

composer: UniqueSound | duration: 68 seconds | size: 11.46 Mb

Swing on the dance floor   full length track

Original uptempo positive and kitschy 40-50's style pop orchestra and big band swing suitable for nostalgic night club dance floor movie scenes, retro tv commercials, product presentations, introduction videos, reality tv moments or old world pictures.
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Price: $59.95

composer: Vess Ray | duration: 111 seconds | size: 18.80 Mb

Charleston Stride Lo-fi   full length track

Alternative mix of 'Monkeying Around', mastered to sound like an old vinyl record, with added banjo and ukelele. Uptempo stride piano track, with upright bass and brushed drums. Cartoonish, upbeat, bouncy and very positive in tone. Useful as background or theme music in animation, childrens TV and comedy shows, or for any visuals set in the first few decades of the 20th century.

Price: $24.95

composer: AP Music | duration: 161 seconds | size: 27.09 Mb

Flaunt It If You've Got It   full length track

This upbeat, jazzy, big band sound will have your audience tempted to hit the dance floor. It creates a happy, sophisticated, grandiose atmosphere. The song is reminiscent of the roaring 20's with its piano, horn section, drums, upright bass melodies.

Price: $34.95

composer: Tim Brown | duration: 150 seconds | size: 25.28 Mb

Big Band Swing   full length track

Laid back and bouncy, featuring Swing and Big Band elements. Creates a casual and happy mood. 40s, 50s, country club, luxury, restaurant, jazz club, Hamptons, high society.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Art Munson | duration: 109 seconds | size: 18.49 Mb

Old Piano Melodies   full length track

Old school piano music, jazzy and playful. This music is graceful and rhythmic with cool piano melodies. Traditional jazz music track with conclusive ending

Price: $29.95

composer: Manuel Ochoa | duration: 107 seconds | size: 17.96 Mb

Ragtime   full length track

Solo old time jazz piano in the style of Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' with just a hint of a more modern harmony. Played on one of the largest upright pianos in the world for a classic sound. Great for scenes needing that 'player piano' sound.

Price: $39.95

composer: John Judd | duration: 76 seconds | size: 12.90 Mb

Melancholy Sax   full length track

Dreamy and flowing solo sax with lots of reverb. Set on a foggy night on Bourbon Street, with the street lamp dimmed and the fog rolling in. Moody and somber song great for a 40's detective cop drama or dream sequence. Classic film noir sound. Great for the private detective genre. Perfect for movies or television shows like Micky Spilane, The Maltese Falcon, Dick Tracy, Casablanca and Dragnet.

Price: $49.95

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 104 seconds | size: 17.56 Mb

Old Ragtime Piano   full length track

Old nostalgic ragtime piano.

Price: $24.99

composer: Justin Brett | duration: 77 seconds | size: 13.03 Mb

Joplin Maple Leaf Rag   full length track

World-renowned ragtime of Scott Joplin's early 20th century. Saloon's atmosphere. Piano bar. Very suitable for animation black and white cinematography of the past century. Retro music, early jazz, honky-tonk solo piano, positive, uplifting, funny, optimistic. Fast tempo

Price: $39.99

composer: Scott Joplin | duration: 154 seconds | size: 26.04 Mb

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