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Epic Uplifting Cinematic   full length track

Epic orchestral music with beautiful staccato strings, soaring brass melodies and thundering percussion. A heroic and beautiful epic orchestral track, a tale about a hero who is returning home victorious from a fiery and glorious battle. The heavenly strings soar like the wind on the sails, and the battering drums remind of the heat of the fight. The angelic choir and a beautiful soprano voice sing soothing and heartwarming melodies. The playful staccato strings are calling to yet another adventure, and the majestic and pompous brass promise a wild and honored journey. Perfect for trailers, media campaigns, time-lapse videos, marketing, advertisements or travel videos.
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composer: Janne Seppänen | duration: 136 seconds

Price: $29.99
Uplifting Piano & Strings   full length track

An intimate, yet epic and breathtaking inspirational track. Featuring piano and strings, accompanied by percussion and an alto flute. Mellow, romantic mood and uplifting piano arpeggios. Thoughtful melodies, cinematic production. Perfect for uplifting corporate videos, romantic videos, cinematic trailers and nostalgic commercials.
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composer: Janne Seppänen | duration: 143 seconds

This video was shot over a few days while camping in some crazy weather here in the mountains of Spain where we live. The hailstorm came out of nowhere and delayed the start to our camping adventure. Then a huge thunderstorm with downpours caught us out and we set up the tarp to eat lunch and wait it out. Afterwards we made out way up the mountain to where the secret waterfalls are located and set up camp next to a stream. This was an amazing camping trip and Zuma had a great time, she doesn't much like the thunder though.
The soundtrack is created from this website and features some amazing royalty free music composers.
Here's the track list....

Stamina Booster
by Joel Loopez

Micro World
by Crypt of Insomnia

Slide Away
by Fatima Mhedden

Fare Forward
by Sleight

Rest in the Nest
by Joel Loopez

by Dvir Silverstone

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