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Price: $29.95
Spring In My Step   full length track

A Motivational and upbeat tune featuring ukulele. Lo-Fi beats ‘popcorn’ synth and glockenspiel pad out the rest of the song. Undeniably catchy and suitable for upbeat presentations, tech, corporate, flash, etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 64 seconds

Price: $39.95
Good Morning Sunshine   full length track

An uplifting and motivational track featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, finger snaps and electronic elements. Would suit web ads, business training, kids advertising or any medium in need of a positive and uplifting message.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 90 seconds

Price: $39.95
Blue Sky Thinking   full length track

Blue Sky Thinking – A motivational happy go lucky tune featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, synth and drum machine. Positive and happy – would suit motivational videos, work training, or web commercials. 60 and 30 second edits are available.
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composer: Eric Bode | duration: 112 seconds

Price: $34.95
I Drift   full length track

An understated piece of music. Simple piano chords over an ambient background pad. Highly effective as a simple underscore for scenes of melancholy, romance, solitude, etc

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 94 seconds

Price: $34.95
Melt   full length track

A simple and effective ambient piece of music. Great for underscore and setting the mood. Lush pads underpinned by a solid bass and recurring guitar motif. Great for nature, documentary, optimism, solace. Covers many moods and applications.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 96 seconds

Price: $24.95
Misdeeds And Mischief   full length track

A fast and furious piece for string orchestra. Quick and to the point, complete with flurrying string runs. Suitable for manic scenes, comedy, fantasy,etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 27 seconds

Price: $39.95
Podmen From Sector 7   full length track

A fun camp nod to 50s sci-fi scoring. Featuring a full orchestra, completed with spooky theremin. Eerie and eccentric. Well suited to sci-fi, retro, parody, horror, kids and halloween.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 109 seconds

Price: $29.95
Blood Moon Waltz   full length track

A fun gothic and whimsical waltz arranged for full orchestra, with a compliment of choir, harpsichord and celesta. Light and graceful until the big 'oom-pah' climax. Perfectly suited for Halloween, kids, gothic, comedy, games, trailers,etc

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $34.95
Punk Ska Mardis Gras   full length track

A ska song with a riotous party atmosphere. Offbeat reggae guitars, electric organ, crashing drums and an upbeat two-tone horn section. Perfect for party atmosphere, travel, food, and productions where an upbeat carnival atmosphere is called for.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 93 seconds

Price: $39.95
Cold   full length track

A pulsing techno trance track, complete with spiky metallic synths and haunting lead. Suitable for nature,sports,winter sports,technology and gadgets,presentations,etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 139 seconds

Price: $39.95
The Green Room   full length track

A funky, cool, and retro upbeat piece that has unlimited usage potential. Suitable uses include interview segments, quiz/chat/magic shows, gambling, heist, casino, cookery, etc.
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composer: Eric Bode | duration: 131 seconds

Price: $34.95
Rockabilly Hop   full length track

A fast and furious rockabilly/50s rock number. Uptempo and catchy – complete with 50s style guitar, shuffle rhythm drums and swingin' piano! Suitable for cookery, games, 50s paststiche, California culture, etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 59 seconds

The royalty free music track used in this video is called Sacrificed by Crypt of Insomnia

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Crypt of Insomnia

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