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Price: $34.95
Cheeky Light Underscore   full length track

Featuring pizz strings, celesta, harp and bass clarinet. Constantly shifting, yet unobtrusive. Perfect for quirky segments, kids and playful moods in general.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $44.95
Midnight Somewhere   full length track

Upbeat atmospheric synth pop in the vein of bands like M83, Muna et al. Perfect for sports or travel.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 161 seconds

Price: $24.95
Go Lightly   full length track

A charming and quirky underscore, featuring pizz solo strings, celesta and bass clarinet. Perfect for Youtube.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $34.95
Cabinet Of Curiosity   full length track

Light hearted background music featuring pizz strings, celesta, glockenspiel and percussion. Perfect for Youtube videos and productions where a light or neutral tone is required.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 96 seconds

Price: $45.00
Now Is The Time   full length track

Energizing upbeat indie pop featuring big synths and crunchy guitars. Perfect for sports, team building, corporate, triumph over adversity and productions where a healthy dose of positive energy is required.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 98 seconds

Price: $44.95
Vampyr   full length track

Dark, gothic and terrifying. Featuring a full choir and orchestra, Vampyr is a slow intense build to a very satisfying finish. Great for games, trailers, etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 159 seconds

Price: $34.00
My Ruin   full length track

Menacing chamber strings over a tick-tock background rhythm. Great for horror!

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 51 seconds

Price: $34.00
Send No Flowers   full length track

Laid back electronica in the style of police procedural shows, eg, CSI. A neutral underscore.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 149 seconds

Price: $34.00
Texas Shuffle   full length track

Dirty Blues Rock that evokes spit and sawdust bars, bourbon and bbq pits.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 189 seconds

Price: $34.00
The Old Sweet Shop   full length track

Rumpering along in a spooky, cobweb-laden procession, this work is a fun and light hearted interpretation of the working environment of mad-cap scientists, menacing barbers, and old crones that poison the candy of little children everywhere. Highly suggestible track that presents a range of media options.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 113 seconds

Price: $34.00
Trust   full length track

An energizing and uplifting track featuring piano and strings. An unobtrusive mood setter that would work on it's own or under voice over/narration. Anthemic and positive – perfect for corporate/achievement/success, etc.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 60 seconds

Price: $34.00
Horror Bed 1   full length track

A creepy horror bed, primarily designed for in game use. Featuring fx, horn clusters and indutrial clangs. Great for survival horror, dystopian and sci-fi genres.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 118 seconds

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