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30 Second Spots
Film Score
Film Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I use these tracks in any project, whether it's commercial or for private use?

A. Yes, absolutely. Feel free to use any tracks you buy in any project that you like.

Q. I'm making something that will be broadcasted. Do I need to supply you with information about the use of your track?

A. No, you do not need to supply myself or MusicLoops information on how you intend to use tracks you buy. However, you will still need to supply the composer and track information to any relevant broadcasting royalty service, such as ASCAP or PRS. Barry's PRO information is as follows:

PRS: (CAE 597257499)

Additionally, it is recommended (though not required) that you email Barry Ryerson at [email protected] with a simple explaination of any commercial use that you intend for his records and credits list.

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